lørdag den 31. maj 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #21: Lilac

Ooooh, one of my favourite nail colours!!!

I decided to use three of my favourite lilacs that haven't gotten much love for a while - actually I think it is more than two years ago I last wore Parlez-vous OPI?. About time then!!!

I have a small batch of Nailvinyls that I decided to use for this so here is what I came up with:

Base colour is Dior Lilac Colourvision and the two darker lilacs are OPI Done Out in Deco and Parlez-vous OPI.

I wanted some bling to go with these so I topped them off with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust

This mani has turned out to be very durable. Did my nails three days ago and I only have very slight tip wear. I love it and I don't want to take it off :D.

torsdag den 29. maj 2014

Fancy Friday #56: Famous (Inspired by a Celebrity)

So I'm terribly late with this, last week's fancy friday - even though I had everything ready I still got sidetracked.

For this challenge there was NO hesitation I knew immediately who I would let me inspire by since I am a HUGE fan:

He gets his nails done and though not as adventurous as other celebrities I found it extremely fitting to choose Eddie Izzard for this challenge. He is on tour in America at the moment with his latest show called Force Majeure - and the poster is one big nailspirational extravaganza:

And this is what I ended up with:

Making spirals is NOT easy, I fought hard with it and I am not quite satisfied...

My middle finger is an attempt to recreate the pattern on his tie which sort of worked:

Click here to see the tie up-close and personal

And I noticed I made the tie blow the wrong way :D

Even though there are some misses in this mani I was really happy with it.

Remember to check the other girls as well, they did awesome!

Sidste uges Fælles Fredag tema var Inspireret af en kendt - og jeg har valgt komikeren Eddie Izzard. Jeg er vild med ham og eftersom han også går med neglelak var det jo så meget oplagt at blive inspireret af ham ;).
Jeg har taget udgangspunkt i promomaterialet til hans seneste tour, Force Majeure. Jeg er ret glad for slutresultatet selv om det ikke er helt i vinkel.

tirsdag den 20. maj 2014

Nail Friends Birthday Party GIVEAWAY!! ~ to celebrate Sassy Shelly's 2 year Blogiversary!

As the title suggest you are invited to celebrate my lovely friend Shelly's 2 year blogiversary!! I am so proud to share this giveaway with you guys and I hope you will ALL join in!! And you should since this one is filled with awesome prizes.

First prize is a 100$!!! gift card to any nail polish etailer of your choice. Plus a Girly Bits custom polish, polishes from Alter Ego Nails, Paint Box Polish, 6 Hearts Polish and many more...12 prizes in all!!! 

You can check out more details on the prizes at Shelly's blog

So hurry up and fill in the Rafflecopter and get a shot at one of all these wonderful prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are on your phone you can go here instead: http://tinyurl.com/ple7w3s 

mandag den 19. maj 2014

Twin Nails

I have something rather special to share with you. I had my nails done today - not by myself but by my lovely twin daughters. They are six years old and REALLY fascinated with Mommy's hobby. Earlier this week Liv insisted on doing my nails and we ended up agreeing they could do it this weekend since friday was a bank holiday and that gave us more time. So today after we did the dishes together and they'd cleaned their bikes I sat down and let them just play around. Which ended with these:

If you'd like to see a little bit of the work in progress you can check them out here:

I'm such a proud mommy now, they did awesome.

fredag den 16. maj 2014

Fancy Friday #55: Fruits'n'vegetables

So I realised last week that I had a couple of The Nail Junkie neon shimmer jellies left that I hadn't tried yet so I decided I'd do some watermelon nail art for today's challenge.

Base colour is the same as in my GOT texture mani: Catrice Twist of Lemon from the Coolibri Collection.

When I did this I realised I am actually so skilled now that I can free hand french tips :O But not a more skilled nail artist than I can get a mighty good dent in my newly painted manicure :D

I wanted this to be graphic in it's impression and then let the thumb with the nail stickers be the detailed piece in this mani. I like the simplicity of it.

And a macro of the thumb with the fruit circle. I still haven't figured out what fruit the upper one is. Anybody got a good guess?

Well I actually got a bit hungry writing this and looking over my painted nails :D
Der er frugter på neglene i denne uges fælles fredag og det skulle være vandmeloner, eftersom jeg har et par neon shimmer jellies jeg endnu ikke har fået prøvet. Jeg er utrolig glad for den her manicure, jeg er med vilje gået efter nogle forsimplede vandmeloner for at lade negleklistermærkerne få lidt fokus. Opdagede i øvrigt at jeg er blevet superskarp til frihåndsneglespidser :D.

Golden Oldie Thursday #19: Texture

This challenge turned out to pose a bigger problem than I initially thought. And here is why: I got on the texture train a little late which means that I never got into caviar manis, feather or velvet. But texture polishes caught my fancy around this time last year - I got one from P2 gifted to me and liked it so much that I bought a couple of Kiko Sugar Mats in June or July. So the only "older" texture polishes I have are Kiko 643 Spring Green and Kiko 639 Golden Mandarin.

I decided to do a texture gradient with them just because. But I wanted to do a little bit more and then thought of my nailvinyls that one of my wonderful friends have donated to me. Which meant I had to decide on a base layer. And I thought that yellow would fit the bill, so I found Catrice Twist of Lemon, an LE polish from the Coolibri Collection.

For those of you that fight with tape manicures: Fret no more 'cause these babies make it so much easier!! They don't tear the layers underneath, and as you can see they lay straight down on your nail. They don't have any adhesive on them so they are easy to remove with no hassle at all!!

I actually thought that the mess I made would be annoying to remove but surprisingly enough clean up was easier than normally. I did get very glittery fingers, though. :D

I found the texture polishes were easier to get a good result with when doing gradients and I am definitely going to do them again!! 

fredag den 9. maj 2014

Fancy Friday #54: Black/White

So the first thing I thought of when I saw this week's challenge were these guys:

For those not in the know, these two rather sinister looking fellas are White Spy and Black Spy, two characters in the wordless comic Spy vs. Spy thought up by cuban political cartoonist Antonio Prohìas. They were featured in the American magazine MAD, a political satire cartoon magazine that had it's peak here in Denmark in the late 70's and through the early to mid 80's.

My Dad was a huge fan as was most of my parents' friends so they were easy to come by for me, and I read them time and time again with all the wonder that a kid who is hardly old enough to grasp the satire and social critique inherent in the 70's liberal cartoon tradition can muster.

Spy vs. Spy was one of my favourites - basically a recurring fight between the two spies where they try to kill each other in fantastically inventive ways.

So here is my tribute to that amazeballs cartoon.

All drawing was done by using BarryM nail art pens.

I am really happy with these and loved the trip down memory lane I got to take while doing them. And remember to check out all the other black/white manis.

Uha jeg har glædet mig til at vise de her frem - jeg har været helt oppe og ringe for denne her ide. Sort vs. Hvid var en af mine favorittegneserier fra Mad Magazine som havde sin storhedstid her i Danmark i 70'erne og start til midt 80'erne. Jeg elskede at læse dem og havde nem adgang til dem fordi min far var stor fan. Og de her to (selv)morderiske spioner var mine absolutte favoritter.

torsdag den 8. maj 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #18: Neon

Time to give some love to my older polishes, this week I have been searching for neons. I don't have many and some are too new to be a part of this challenge...but these babies here fit the bill perfectly. Some I've had for two years others for one year.

And the neons are:
The Nail Junkie Summer Neon Jellies.

Blueberry and Apple:

Grape and Orange:

Pardon my trashy cuticles I've been bad at moisturising the past two weeks :/

I love Aleta's polishes, they are gorgeous and easy to work with. These babies are jellies so I highly recommend you use a white polish as base.

I love that they all have micro glitter in them as well:

Apple and Orange are insanely neon and are quite hard to catch in pictures.

One of my co-workers actually commented on these and asked me if I'd done my nails like the Ice Truck Killer from Dexter - that made me grin, since it's a guy :D, not to mention the fact I'm a pink and yellow short of it being ITK nails ;)

So now all I need is some sun...

Fancy Friday #53: Happy 1st Birthday

Last week saw the first year of Fancy Friday passing by and who'd have thunk I would still be here?

I certainly wouldn't have thought that a year ago. Which is why I really had a celebration on my nails. Bring out the bubbly and confetti!!!!

I love MoyouLondon plates, I have a couple with XL patterns on and they are simply way too large for my nails which makes it hard for me to align the patterns properly. So I chose to do reverse stamping instead and then cut the designs out to fit my nails.

Which is why my middle finger looks particularly lumpy -  one big design cut down to three small images that are then placed on my nail. But that also means there is a lot of excess dried top coat that has a tendency to lump together when the final layer of top coat is applied.

I really enjoyed making these though they do take some extra time and effort. Despite of the lumpiness of the mani I am quite satisfied with the outcome, it looks almost like I envisioned it.

Fælles Fredag holdt 1 års fødselsdag i sidste uge, og jeg måtte altså fejre at jeg har holdt på i et helt år, dog med en del forsinkelser på mine indlæg de sidste uger. Så det blev fyrværkeri, champagne og serpintiner der kom på neglene :D