fredag den 24. maj 2013

Fancy Friday #4: Animal Print

Welcome to Fancy Friday, the collaboration challenge between a bunch of Danish bloggers. This week's challenge got me very excited, have had a sponge gradient idea that I thought I would try out - and as it turned out it went extremely well with some leopard spots :D

Since sun has finally decided to visit more than just some minutes a day, I went in total summer mode and grabbed two neon colours and a lovely yellow from Cult Nails called Feel Me Up. The neons are Sinful Colors Dream On, a very pink neon that shows up purple characteristics as soon as a camera comes near it, and nails inc. portobello that is coral-orangey, depending on light. Both neons dry matte as most neons do.

I made the spots with China Glaze Purr-fectly Plum and a-england Camelot.

I  started out with oiling up the area around my nails, being careful not to hit the nails themselves. Then I cut a triangular make-up sponge to match the width of my broadest nail and painted diagonal stripes on it. Then I lined up the sponge to match my nails and sponged away. Then I randomly dotted with China Glaze and took a fine nail art brush and painted c's around the dots with the a-england colo. Lastly I filled in with random black spots.

It was a real mess but removing the polish on my fingers was easier than usual because of the cuticle oil. But as you can see Dream On is VERY pigmented and I had to accept defeit after trying my damnedest to remove it all. Especially my cuties looks a right mess :D. The pigmentation on my fingers was still visible after a day...

These are crazy gorgeous summer nails!!! And incidentally it's only the second nail art mani that I am completely satisfied with, EVER.

En svampet neon gradient med leopardpletter er mit indlæg i denne uges Fælles Fredag. Det er ikke særlig tit jeg er tilfreds med mine nail art forsøg, men denne gang har jeg været helt ekstatisk over hvor vellykket den her mani er. Faktisk var der nogen som troede det var negle stickers og det er vel egentlig den største kompliment man kan få ;)

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  1. Svar
    1. Thank you sooooo much Maria, glad you like them.

  2. Hvor er de flotte! Total sommer negle :)

    1. Jeg er altså også så stolt af dem, troede ikke det skulle ske sådan lige pludselig :D

  3. Svar
    1. Thank you so much, sweetheart!!!

  4. Super fine negle! Og virkelig flot gradient! :-)

    Carina //

  5. Cool twist med en gradient under leopard printet.. Nice :D

  6. god ide med gradient :) det giver lige lidt ekstra

  7. Hvor er det fint med gradient som bund :)