fredag den 16. maj 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #19: Texture

This challenge turned out to pose a bigger problem than I initially thought. And here is why: I got on the texture train a little late which means that I never got into caviar manis, feather or velvet. But texture polishes caught my fancy around this time last year - I got one from P2 gifted to me and liked it so much that I bought a couple of Kiko Sugar Mats in June or July. So the only "older" texture polishes I have are Kiko 643 Spring Green and Kiko 639 Golden Mandarin.

I decided to do a texture gradient with them just because. But I wanted to do a little bit more and then thought of my nailvinyls that one of my wonderful friends have donated to me. Which meant I had to decide on a base layer. And I thought that yellow would fit the bill, so I found Catrice Twist of Lemon, an LE polish from the Coolibri Collection.

For those of you that fight with tape manicures: Fret no more 'cause these babies make it so much easier!! They don't tear the layers underneath, and as you can see they lay straight down on your nail. They don't have any adhesive on them so they are easy to remove with no hassle at all!!

I actually thought that the mess I made would be annoying to remove but surprisingly enough clean up was easier than normally. I did get very glittery fingers, though. :D

I found the texture polishes were easier to get a good result with when doing gradients and I am definitely going to do them again!!