fredag den 15. juni 2018

Fancy Friday #90: Blobbicure

Another old Fancy Friday post from the draft vault -  but it was just a blank page. So I took a look at my old pictures and found the ones I was going to use for this prompt :D.

I was never really good at blobbicures, but this one I think I did okay with.

And I still have a lot of vault posts to share with you guys :), so keep checking in to see more.

lørdag den 26. maj 2018

What's In-die Box Halloween Nail art

This post is all the way back from Halloween in 2014 where the Australian What's In-die Box was really getting a lot of traction - I started purchasing it with the Halloween box in 2013, but didn't buy every single box. This particular box was so well curated and I think this was one of their best!

So now that Halloween just passed by I thought I'd treat you with some of my Halloween nail art that wasn't challenge related.

Two weeks ago I received my eagerly awaited What's In-die Box for October that contained this year's Halloween related polishes. Usually when I buy subscription boxes I always end up with two or three that I don't care for but this time...Boy are they amazing.

Lilypad Skulloween, Peita's Polish Ghost Gutz, Glam Polish Paranormal, PrettyPots Bewitchery, Emily de Molly Night Terrors

I didn't have time this week to wear them all separately but instead I used them all for nail art - and I don't have to tell you how rarely I use newly acquired polishes the moment I receive them.

And this was how my left hand looked:

torsdag den 24. maj 2018


We have had amazing weather here in Denmark for the past weeks. Last year was devoid of sun and I almost didn't wear holo nail polish.Luckily it looks like I will bewearing holo polish a LOT more this summer, haha.

Last week I decided to wear one of my most holo of holoest nail polishes. Emily de Molly Flatline. It is lilac holo goodness at its best and is almost a one coater. I did two coats just to be on the safe side. Formula was great, almost buttery smooth with no drag lines. I wore it for four days and didn't have any tipwear or chipping which is awesome.

It is so holo you can even see the holo flame in indoor lighting!!


Unfortunately it is an older polish and no longer available in Hayley's shop but you might get lucky and find a bottle at one of her international retailers. If you are a holo lover and you find it, you have to buy it!!! It is a must-have in any holo polish lover's collection.

onsdag den 23. maj 2018

Fancy Friday #92: Valentines Day

This is a very old post that somehow never got released from my draft section and as far as I can see I have another couple of posts I never got out flying - so here is #finallyoutofdraft post:

Trying to play catch-up and have a lot of posts to cover so they will be less wordy than what is normal for me.

As the title suggest this was my Valentine's mani. Since Valentine's Day is a relatively new phenomenon here in Denmark I don't "celebrate" it, but do manis for challenges because they usually take me a bit out of my comfort zone - and I've always appreciated when that happens :D.

I used Darling Diva's two Valentine's Day Duos that were released in 2014 and were gifted to me by Carrie Lynn, the owner, in a secret Galentine's Swap I did last year.

One duo is pink based with a crelly called Love of My Life and a glitter topper called That New Love Feel, the other duo is black based with a charcoal jelly holo called Hide and Go Eff Yourself and a glitter topper called Batshit Crazy Ex.

torsdag den 8. februar 2018

It has been ages...

Since my last post.

Almost 3 years - which wasn't my intention but I was going to move to another blog hosting service - and then life got in the way as it is wont to do.

In the past three years I have shared manis on Facebook and Instagram, but I always seem to take so many pictures of each mani that I really want to share and those two formats just don't fit.

So here I am, back where I started. I probably won't share several times a week but I never did back in the day so hopefully I will have something to share with you once a least that is what I am aiming for.

fredag den 13. marts 2015

Testing...Fancy friday codes

Testing out our new inlinkz codes

mandag den 9. marts 2015

Fancy Friday #94: Foil

I had some nail art foil lying around and decided to use it on top of my Color Club foil polishes...I am not quite sure about these:

It was my first attempt using nail foil - I am a bit meh about it now that I think about it...

Remember to check out the other Fancy Friday girls and see what they have come up with :).

Neglefolie - mit første forsøg. Havde nogle små ark liggende og brugte dem ovenpå to af mine Color Club foil lakker. Ved ikke helt om jeg synes om det...

Husk at checke de andre Fælles Fredag piger og deres foliemanier :)