fredag den 9. maj 2014

Fancy Friday #54: Black/White

So the first thing I thought of when I saw this week's challenge were these guys:
For those not in the know, these two rather sinister looking fellas are White Spy and Black Spy, two characters in the wordless comic Spy vs. Spy thought up by cuban political cartoonist Antonio Prohìas. They were featured in the American magazine MAD, a political satire cartoon magazine that had it's peak here in Denmark in the late 70's and through the early to mid 80's.

My Dad was a huge fan as was most of my parents' friends so they were easy to come by for me, and I read them time and time again with all the wonder that a kid who is hardly old enough to grasp the satire and social critique inherent in the 70's liberal cartoon tradition can muster.

Spy vs. Spy was one of my favourites - basically a recurring fight between the two spies where they try to kill each other in fantastically inventive ways.

So here is my tribute to that amazeballs cartoon.

All drawing was done by using BarryM nail art pens.

I am really happy with these and loved the trip down memory lane I got to take while doing them. And remember to check out all the other black/white manis.

Uha jeg har glædet mig til at vise de her frem - jeg har været helt oppe og ringe for denne her ide. Sort vs. Hvid var en af mine favorittegneserier fra Mad Magazine som havde sin storhedstid her i Danmark i 70'erne og start til midt 80'erne. Jeg elskede at læse dem og havde nem adgang til dem fordi min far var stor fan. Og de her to (selv)morderiske spioner var mine absolutte favoritter.