mandag den 25. februar 2013

Franken Feature 4: Superficially Colourful Fascinated

So here is the second of the three polishes Jin RAOK'ed me in January - and since I waxed poetic like nobody's business about Impulse, I'll keep this short and to the point: EFFING GORGEOUS!!!

 We had sun!! I get totally carried away on sunny days in the winter since we don't get them much here - so I am lobster hand Ma'm in most of these pics :D

 Shimmer, shimmer, glass fleck shimmer! YAY!! And multicoloured...Double YAY!!!

 I have fallen totally in love with these colour changers, almost so much that I want a whole lot more of them :D

Thank you again, Jin, for being such a wonderful friend!!

And please return later this week for the last of the Superficially Colourful Color Changing Franken Polishes :)

Franken Feature 3: Superficially Colourful Impulse

In January I received a ridiculously awesome RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) from some of my lacquer friends, one of whom is the lovely Jin who runs Superficially Colourful. Besides two polishes I have been wanting for quite some time she also sent me three colour changing polishes she made herself that are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I will be show casing all three here and first up is Impulse, a dark green polish that changes to a neon lime green.

The pigment Jin has used reacts on heat so your tips will be dark and your nail bed will be light.

I was truly lucky the day I wore this. The sun was shining which happens rarely here during winter, so I didn't need my light tent :D

She has also packed it with a beautiful glass fleck like shimmer - and you know I'm a sucker for glass flecks!!

 Look at that shimmer - gorgeous I tell you!!!

I really like this shot, it makes me relive how much I looked at my fingers when I wore it :D.

Thank you so much, Jin for this awesome gift - I love, love, love it.
And for the rest of you: Make sure to keep an eye on the blog for the other two!!

onsdag den 20. februar 2013

Franken Feature 2: Nailant New Years Day (Sick in Snow)

So today you are going to see the second of the polishes I won in the giveaway that Nailant had in January. To be absolutely honest I didn't think much of it when I saw the pictures, it was Kinky Panties I had the hots for :D

And to make matters even worse, I am not really a gold kind of girl, actually I'd prefer a silver polish any day to go with my skin tone! But was I in for a surprise with this little stunner:

I proudly present: New Years Day (Sick in the Snow):

The shimmering golden base has so much going on it's ridiculous - but then consider that fiery orange hex glitter and you get awesomeness in a bottle. I have to admit I am a sucker for fiery orangey glitter these days - I blame it all on Dandy Nails Grave Robber!!

And an added bonus is, it is like a glitter sandwich without the hassle of layering glitter polish between a jelly polish!! So much win and awesome!!!

I love it even more than Kinky Panties! And I found it was the easiest of the two to work with.

Thank you Stinna, for creating such a wonderful polish!!!

And this is not the last time I'm featuring franken stuff here! The super sweet Jin from Superficially Colorful gifted me some awesome colour changing polishes that will blow your socks off. If everything goes according to plan *crosses fingers*  you'll see the first of three tomorrow!!

tirsdag den 19. februar 2013

Franken Feature 1: Nailant New Year's Eve (Kinky Panties)

Long time, no read. It is holiday time here in Denmark and the girls went to visit their grandparents last week. So hubby and I decided to do things we rarely have time to: Dining with friends, going to the movies and other great things...and no blogging whatsoever ;).

The next couple of days on the blog will be franken related, I have received 5 franken polishes during January and really want to show you guys how talented some of my friends are.

First up is a franken polish I received in a giveaway hosted by the wonderful Stinna who runs Nailant. I was so excited when I won it 'cause Stinna really make some awesome polishes!!!

This gorgeous polish is called New Years Eve (Kinky Panties) and is a black jelly with magenta shreds - I lurve it!!!

This is three coats: 

What I really like about it is that the shreds aren't drowned in the black base but shines through.

The polish on my ring finger is the second half of my prize but that one will be featured tomorrow ;)

I am looking forward to showing you that one in all its glory - see you then.

mandag den 4. februar 2013

Untried Sunday on a Monday: Ninja Polish Zultanite

So I've been in a blogging funk here - I polish and take photos but when it comes to the write-ups I seem to find my self at a stand-still. Which you might have noticed has resulted in me not getting those sunday untrieds up here.

Then I thought I'd just post some photos of this beauty without that many words so I at least can keep up with my goal for this year: 120 posts before 31st of December :D

I proudly present: Ninja Polish Zultanite, a gorgeous colour changing polish with colour changing glitter in it, just to make it even more awesome.

 It needs layering, here it is on top of a-england Camelot.

Application was a breeze and only one layer is needed for this effect.

This polish is unlike anything else I own!!

The underlying colour scheme is very much alike Color Changing Garnet, but there are some slight differences:

Totally gorgeous polishes both of them, if you are into duochromes/multichromes you definitely need them both.

Neither of the polishes are in stock at NinjaPolish right now but be sure to sign up for their restocking notices here and go grab one when the opportunity arises, they really are need-to-have polishes!!