fredag den 27. juni 2014

Fancy Friday #61: Texture

A texture challenge...we had it more than a year ago and it is a testament to the texture trend that it is still here - with nail polish brands still launching them both as entire collections and as one-shots. I have grown to like the Sand polishes a lot and have quite a few in my collection.

For this I have chosen two of my favourite texture brands: P2 and Sinful Colors. Instead of just painting my nails I decided to do some zig-zags with my soon-to-run-out-of Nail Vinyls *note to self: must buy more soon*

I used Elevation Polish Mount McKinley as base - a wonderful lilac creme that glides on like melted butter, self levels and is just plain lacquer awesomeness.

P2 Sand Style - 080 Lovely
As you can see there is quite the difference in the two textures. Where P2 make their sand style polishes crazy bling style, Sinful is doing some wonderful colour combinations with the different shimmers. I love both types :D.

Sinful Colors Crystal Crush - I got a Blush on You

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Tekstur, hurra!!! Siden jeg prøvede min første teksturlak sidste år da vi havde det som udfordring, er jeg blevet fan af den her type lak. Der er et eller andet ved det rå, blingede look jeg er helt forelsket i. Her har jeg valgt to meget forskellige teksturlakker for at vise hvor stor spændvidde der især er i glitterteksturerne.

torsdag den 26. juni 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #25: Gradient

Uuuhh a favourite technique of mine though I'm not that good at it :D.

My RBL's don't get enough love so they were the ones I dived in to this time to find some polishes for todays challenge.

Insouciant and Poco a Poco made for a delicate gradient...I really like it!

But I really wanted to do something more with them, somehow I thought they needed some Ooomph...So I did this - with my VividLacquer 020 plate:

I used BarryM Silver Foil for the stamp.

Yeah I have a problem with choosing and sorting my least it's not the twenty I started out with!! :D

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mandag den 23. juni 2014

Fancy Friday #60: Skittlette

Today's Fancy Friday challenge is Skittlette. The term was coined almost a year and a half ago by the wonderful Marta Warmuz over at ChitChatNails.

For this one I chose some of my most recently acquired polishes. I am part of an international nail polish swap group on facebook where we do swaps four times a year. Our partner is secret so we don't know who will be sending to us until we get our lovelies.

This time around the lovely Spencer got stuff for me, and she really did spoil me. Amongst other polishes she sent two Milani cremes that are so me: Vivid Violet and Power Periwinkle - and a wonderful Zoya glitter polish that I unfortunately don't know the name of since the sticker never arrived with the package.

And this is what I ended up creating:

Vivid Violet turned out shy with its violetness when photographed...

I did a sponge gradient on my index and middle finger with the two cremes - and tried for some swirl nail art on the ring finger with Elevation Polish Vinson which wasn't too advanced :D

And the sun was out so I had to get a pic of it in the lovely bright summer light ;)

The iridescent glitters almost looks like small pieces of Mother of Pearl!!

The gradient is a bit on the sheer side but despite that I think this looks quite good.

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Så blev det tid til Skittlette i Fælles Fredag udfordringen. Jeg tror jeg laver skittletter hver 3. gang jeg lægger neglelak, det er en fantastisk måde at få brugt flere lakker på - og få testet forskellige nail art teknikker. Her har jeg brugt nogle Milani lakker som jeg har fået via en lakbyttegruppe jeg er en del af på Facebook.

Golden Oldie Thursday #24: Free Choice

I decided to do a Skittlette for last week's GOT Polish challenge with one of my most prized polishes.

Ninja Polish Alexandrite was a polish I didn't get back when I bought Color Changing Garnet and Zultanite - which I came to regret dearly. When it became clear that the pigments used got discontinued and it wouldn't be available again I started coveting it badly :D. I was so fortunate that a nail polish friend RAOKed it to me last January - but I have only ever worn it once. So here was the perfect opportunity to wear it again.

I stamped my middle and ring finger with Moyou London Pro plate 02 using BarryM Silver Foil

I actually broke one of the rules doing this skittlette but it was almost midnight when I did this mani so it wasn't until I was taking pictures that I realised that the glittertopper on my little finger didn't fit in - I'm wearing Clair de Lune by Indigo Bananas, a polish I only very recently added to my stash.

I think this turned out excellent - and I was actually able to center the stamping on my middle finger :D.

fredag den 13. juni 2014

Full Moon over Friday the 13th

As the more perceptive of you might have realised by now this is...*stops channelling Rowan Atkinson*...Friday the 13th. A date traditionally connected with superstition - but also dread due to the famous slasher movie with the same title ;).

Some of my lacquerfriends and I decided to do a group post today - because besides it being friday the 13th there is also a full moon tonight. Which won't happen again in...a long time. Next time June the 13th is on a friday WITH a full moon is in 2098!!! So what to do?

I got thinking and the very first polish that popped in to my head was Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon, a Glow-in-the-Dark, glittery blue awesome polish with loads of half moon glitters in it. And immediately after that thought I went: Ooooh I have Pretty Serious Crystal Lake!!! So there was the base for my mani.

And since I thought they needed something more - I got my stamping gear ready and here is what I came up with:

Howling Blue Moon on thumb and middle finger. Crystal Lake on ring and pinkie. A-England Camelot on index.


I used three of my Dashica XL SDP plates for the stamped images: 53, 92 and 93 and used a-england Camelot for the black base on my index finger.

If you would like to join us here is the inlinkz code. We would love to see what you come up with. If you don't have a blog, feel free to share it on my Facebook Page.

Fancy Friday #59: Geometrical

Today's FF challenge made me revisit a type of nail art I usually use tape for but this time I decided to do free hand: colour  blocking :D.

These pics are rather self explanatory I think :D

KIKO 340 Light Blue

KIKO 339 Cornflower

KIKO 386 Light Pastel Blue

KIKO 385 Pastel Blue

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Så er der dømt geometri på bloggen. Jeg har taget en af mine favoritteknikker og lavet den i frihånd i stedet: Colour Block tapemani.
Det var ikke så svært som jeg havde frygtet eller også mestrer jeg bare det der frihånd bedre end før... 
Husk også at checke geometrien hos de øvrige FF piger ;).

torsdag den 12. juni 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #23: Red

Those of you that have followed me for a while know that red isn't a colour I wear much. I do have a select few that have come into my collection either as gifts or because I found them awesome :D

A couple of years back I was very much in to Cult Nails (a passion that was reignited recently) and bought entire collections back then. When Coco, one of Maria's daughters came up with five gorgeous colours that was released as Coco's Untamed Collection - one of which was a most amazing red - I felt compelled to own them all.

Cult Nails Annaliscious

Annaliscious was named after Coco's best friend - and is the most juicy red polish I own.

It has the most amazing golden glassfleck finish I have ever seen, and I have been constantly looking at my nails these past two days I've worn it. It'll be almost a shame to remove this mani.

The glitter topper on my thumb and pinkie is a one of Red Dog Designs Crooner polishes called Hey! Jealous Lover. An amazing array of glitters, I believe there are more than 20 different glitters in this bottle - some of them are red hearts!!

I used a MoyouLondon plate for the roses on my index and middle fingers. And then I left my ring finger alone ;)

I always get surprised when I wear red - it makes me quite happy :D

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fredag den 6. juni 2014

Fancy Friday #58: Ice Cream

This was a fun challenge and since I have the Ice Cream polishes from BarryM I sure knew which colours to use here :D.

YSL Rich Coffee, nails inc hampstead gardens, BarryM Berry Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Green, Blueberry Ice Cream, Leighton Denny Indulgence
Did a french tip with hampstead gardens, and then used a thin striper brush dipped in YSL Rich Coffee to do the waffle pattern. And used a dotting tool to create the scoops, sprinkles and jam.

I am not totally convinced about the HK Girl top coat, it acts very strange if the mani is uneven in it's structure - and I don't always get the high shine effect that is raved about...

Hurry over to see what the rest of the Fancy Friday girls have come up with ;)

Is, Is, Is, Is...det er hvad der er på bloggen i dagens anledning. Jeg har alle BarryM Ice Cream lakkerne så de er taget i brug her ;). Jeg blev en smule issyg da jeg så dem da de var færdige...

Golden Oldie Thursday #22: With a Silver Accent

For this week's GOT polish challenge I've decided to bring out some of my really "old" polishes. I bought these WAAAAAAAYYYY back when, before I even had a clue there were nail polish collectors to match my own addiction and bloggers to show me what everything looked like :D.

Leighton Denny was my second meeting with a British private label. I already had a couple of nails inc. at this point and I got the light blue frosted and silver nail polish for a reasonable price at lookfantastic.

The quality of the polishes are top notch and the base colour, The Heiress, is a one-coater. For some strange reason I painted all five nails with this as base - so the silver accent has the lilac base as well, 'cause I was too lazy to remove it first :D.

This is my second go at waterfall nail art and I could really feel it's been a long time since my last...

Some of the stripes were just WAY off...but it doesn't look too bad I think.

Polishes used:
Dark lilac Base: The Heiress
Frosted blue:Sex Kitten
Purple shimmer: Stormy Weather
Tardis blue crème: Captivated
Silver accent: Diamond Diva