fredag den 24. februar 2012

Time seem to slip away

and I am late with my challenge post - and this ain't it either. My nails are killing me these days, a flaky, peely mess is what they are and Mommy ain't too happy about it.

For this I have ordered some Trind products at an online beauty store that ships to Denmark, hopefully they will get here sometime next week. But that means I will have a two week rest from the challenge posts, but I do have a lot of pictures floating around so I will do some posting during this nail polish hiatus.

And to cheer myself and you guys up, I will show you something nice:

For this look I used Cult Nails Let Me Fly (light teal glass fleck) and Awakening (Dark Teal Creme), both an absolute dream to work with. Applied like butter and levelled out perfectly. Both were two coaters, but Awakening start off a little jelly-ish, so don't get discouraged if you are afraid it will be too sheer. Trust me, it won't :)

I really like doing accent nails and opposing hands, it is a look that I think is fun and cheeky - and it gets me through more of my stash than I would otherwise, since I don't change my polish daily.

lørdag den 18. februar 2012

Challenge Week 7: Valentines Day nails

I am really late with this post due to different technical issues with cameras and what not. And then the girls needed some Mommy Time - and that has to take priority in my busy life :D

So I am not that in to Valentines Day which is mainly because it was never done in Denmark until 10 years or so ago. Suddenly it seamed florists, jewellers, chocolate manufactures and other businesses that could gain from this thought that we should fill their pockets on february 14th.

To me we should all celebrate our loved ones during the whole year instead of just remember it on one specific day. I'd rather have a daily kiss all year around than a bunch of flowers, or a ring, or chocolate on one get my drift.

Now off the soap box and on to the nails. They aren't anything elaborate since I was using this challenge as a training session in both stamping and dotting tool skills. But I still need A LOT of practice but I am hanging in there and actually have fun every time I do a new challenge.

I used the following colours:
nails inc.: Devonshire Row
nails inc.: Oxford Circus
Kleancolor: Twinkly Hearts
Essence: Stamp Me!! Silver

Since I did the nail art on my right hand(I am a lefty ;)) I had to have my girls help me take the pictures. And they did PRETTY well I think :D

Unfortunately Oxford Circus didn't stamp as well as I expected, it is a seriously opaque colour for such a  light pink, but still the stamped heart on my middle finger ended as a big fail. The lips were a fail as well, but that is due to my stamping technique, which still leaves a lot to be desired, haha.

Devonshire Row is the most gorgeous dark pink-purple EVER.

A close up of my thumb since you can't see the details in the other picture. The silver dots are made with the Essence silver stamp colour.

These hearts were made solely with a dotting tool - and it is my first attempt.

The hearts on my ring finger are from Kleancolor Twinkly Hearts, a annoyingly gloopy polish that could be awesome but isn't, you really have to pick out the hearts and put them on the nail, 'cause they ain't going on the nail when you apply the polish.

So this was my Valentines Day manicure, hope you liked what you saw :D

fredag den 10. februar 2012

Challenge Week 6: Half Moon Mani

So this week's year challenge coinsided with a Danish film prize award celebration which I attended together with my mom - and that meant I wanted to go all-in bling, haha.

But one bad thing happened during the past week: my mobile phone which I have used for a larger part of my pictures, took a deep bow and left. And my new phone is really no good for capturing anything closer than 10 yards away! So I apologise beforehand for the crappy pictures you are about to be subjected to.

I used the following polishes for this:
a-england Escalon
a-england Bridal Veil
Lynnderella Shape Shifter

I used nail guides to get the "moon" shape.

As you can see they are one blurry mess but luckily you can somehow get an idea of where I wanted to go with this. It looked awesome in person but I still need to figure out a way to get the properly rounded "moons" with my nail guides. I think I will try the reinforcer technique next time ;)

Hope you enjoyed this rather blurry version of the 52 week challenge.

torsdag den 2. februar 2012

JennaFroggy 300 follower giveaway

The lovely Jenna over at I'm still thinking is having a wonderful giveaway sponsored by the equally lovely Kim Snyder at Overall Beauty. And this prize is amazing: Five Overallbeauty mineral eyeshadows(four of them are the Soft Wearable Brown set, one is of your own choice) and one BB Couture nail polish in Pride:

Picture provided by

Look good, right?
You still have eight days left to enter, so go ahead and join the fun!!!

onsdag den 1. februar 2012

Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-mint

I have a little minty gem to show you, one that I have fallen totally in love with: Lynnderella's Attitude Adjust-mint, a lovely pale mint coloured polish filled with shimmer, glitter and happiness.

After seeing swatches on her own blog, I thought I would try to swatch it with some different pastel to medium green colours, just to see how different it would look.

I have used the following colours:

Thumb: No base colour
Index: Revlon Minty
Middle: nails inc Hyde Gate Park
Ring: Jordana Mint Candy
Little: Essie Greenport

One coat base colour, two coats Attitude Adjust-mint.

All pictures here are taken in indirect sunlight:

Pardon my dry cuticles - winter is at full throttle here in Denmark, and my hands suffer dearly.

I had an accident two seconds after applying polish on my thumb, but didn't realise it until too late.

Ooops, had an encounter with a film can earlier, so my index suffered a minor chip.

And clean up obviously wasn't my first priority after applying :D
As with many of Lynnderella polishes it takes some practice before you get the hang of applying them properly. The formula was on the thick side and because of the glitter density it takes patience and good application skills. Though I have been doing my nails for quite some time now, I still find I lack in those departments - but then it is good for me I have some more to practice with.