tirsdag den 24. juli 2012

On vacation...

One week every summer is spent with some of my family in a cozy house in Sweden that we own together with my in-laws. Right now we are three families here and the kids are having a blast.

The sun is shining and temperature's past 25 degrees celsius.

Since I am prone to sunburn I stay inside during noon, and I was gonna show you some of my recent manicures. BUT Google has apparently decided to change access to one's Picasa album when using Blogger from "goaheadandlinkmydear" to "nocandodumbbum", so I can only upload directly from my computer - and that is home safe in Denmark *shake fists at google* Which means I won't be able to blog properly until early August when my holiday ends.

I do have a blog award post I am working on, and that one will be ready soon.

Hopefully you'll still be here ;), talk to you soon.

onsdag den 4. juli 2012


And as if I haven't blogged enough today...

Once more I have a group collaboration mani to show you. Originally I wasn't going to do anything July 4th on my blog, but I couldn't help myself when a ID4 group post was announced.

To celebrate ID4 I whipped out an OPI and a China Glaze and did a little something with them:

After that super elaborate Canada mani I needed something a little simpler

No amount of cream seemed to change the cuticle dryness

Colours used:
Blue: OPI Dating a Royal
Red: China Glaze Phat Santa
White: nails inc. floral st.
Silver: a-england Excalibur

Now go and check out the rest of the Independence Day Manicures out from my wonderful blogger friends.

Challenge Week 27: Floral Mani

Bwahahahaha, I am spamming today :D - finally catching up on my challenges with this post. Unlike the rest of the challenge girls this won't be a July 4th mani (though I do have something related to this day that I will post later) since I tweeked the list to do my Freedom Mani.

So Floral Mani it is. I did a youtube search to get some inspiration and stumbled over this beautiful design:

I sure as heck haven't gotten anywhere near this but it is my first free hand flower nail art, and I am quite pleased with it:

I used acrylic paint for the flowers as in the video - I gather it is easier to work with colours that don't dry out too quickly :D

The base colour is Orly Green Apple, a polish I got through a swap with sweet Heidi from Se Min Kjole... Go check her blog out, it is  fun and she's got great swatches. It is in Danish but that shouldn't deter you from taking a closer look ;)

Challenge Week 26: Neon Mani

Hey I'm on a roll here, so I'll post another challenge mani now. I checked my stash and realised I really didn't have a proper neon polish - that was until I saw the writing on the Dior box for my Aloha polish: Flourescent. Haha, I thought , that counts for neon don't it? Yes it does, hooray I can showcase this on the blog!!

It had incredible wear time. I work as a film technician and I open quite many film cans during the day which means chipped manis every other day. But this beauty held up though being heavily abused for four days. Yes I loved it so much I kept it on for as long as I could :D

As some of the more perceptive of you might have realised by now...

...the ring finger shows slight discolouration...

...which stems from it not being Aloha but Maybelline Sunset Prisms 330

...though not the same as this Sunset Prisms
 I'm not a corally girl, but I really like Maybelline Sunset Prisms, my accent ring finger nail, which was RAOKed me by Sheila from Pointless Café. And though I'm usually not a big fan of VNL (Aloha is three layers and you can still see the nail line), Aloha is such a wonderful polish that I REALLY don't care :D

Challenge Week 25: Pride/Rainbow Mani

So this is waaaaaayyyy late, since this was in celebration of Pride weekend, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I was considering doing the entire rainbow spectrum, but decided to go with the colours on the Pride flag instead.

Thumb and pinkie were originally white...

...but when I saw how gorgeous the glitter looked on the other nails over silver...

... I just had to see it over the white. Gorgeous!!

Green, red, silver and blue glitter in a raspberry jelly base. Instant love!

Colours used:
Red: Leighton Denny Indulgence
Orange: BarryM Block Orange
Yellow: Maybelline Urban Yellow
Green: BarryM Spring Green (still an awful stainer :( )
Blue/Indigo: Nfu Oh 119
Purple: Dior Forget-Me-Not
Silver: a-england Excalibur
Glitter: BarryM Silver Cascade

mandag den 2. juli 2012

Oh Canada

I'm doing another blog collaboration post, this time in celebration of Canada Day on July 1. Well, here it no longer is July 1, but I was caught on the motorway with a flat tire last night and we weren't home until way past midnight, and I was too tired to post it then.

So here it is now :)

As last time we were supposed to show some of our Canadian polishes but unfortunately I don't own any canadian polishes so these here are German and British :D.

I am really hooked on doing decals these days and doing the Scandinavian flags the other week was the reason I did it with the Canadian flag as well. And may I say: Epic fail on that maple leaf, haha. At least I remembered to give my nails a base colour.

For the rest: I was inspired by some Danish nailaholics who posted some brilliant photos of fishtail braid manis in a group I belong to but I had no idea that it would take this long to make it - it took me two hours!! But I am really happy with this.

But on to the pictures:

My top coat dragged the polish - argh!

Major fail on that maple leaf ;)

I used the following polishes:

Red: Essence Fame Fatale
White: nails inc. floral st.
Silver: nails inc. montpellier square

I will have some long missed challenge posts up later today.

And you can check out my wonderful partners in crime by following these links: