lørdag den 2. juni 2012

Jubilee Weekend

So today is a little special here since I am going to try a new thing: Doing a shared subject post.

Some of the bloggers I know did something similar a couple of weeks ago with 26 share-the-holo-love postings. I was too busy to join them and I was so bummed afterwards 'cause they all had a blast doing it. So when the talk of a new post sharing event started I jumped in immediately.

The subject is as the title suggests a Jubilee post to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne aka her Diamond Jubilee, and we are all sharing British polishes we own and love. Some use their favourite brand, others do a combination of brands.

I have quite a lot of British brands and I have chosen to use 3 of them: nails inc., Leighton Denny and a-england. And as you can see, my theme is definitely British :D

The colours I used were:
nails inc. floral st. (white)
Leighton Denny Captivated (blue)
Leighton Denny Indulgence (red)
a-england Excalibur and Merlin for the stripes

 Check out what brands and colours the rest of my wonderful blogger friends are using for their Jubilee nails.

11 kommentarer:

  1. This looks so awesome!!

  2. Love the colour blocking and silver detail! Great job!

  3. I love it!! I really love your color blocking and seeing it now i'm a bit bummed I never had the time to try it too!
    Your mani looks WONDERFUL!!!

  4. I love that each nail is different!!!!

  5. Great job! I love this soooo much!!! Such a great idea!