fredag den 25. januar 2013

Girly Floam vs. Girls Rule Boys Drool

So here is a new type of post that I will do every once in a while. Comparison Posts :D.

Today I am looking at two polishes where the creators actually released promo pictures of their new girly polishes on the same day: Ninja Polish Girly Floam and Dollish Polish Girls Rule, Boys Drool.

Dollish Polish Girls Rule, Boys Drool(GRBD) was a very limited edition with only 400 bottles made that could be acquired through a raffle style sale. You signed up to get a bottle and then Dolly chose radomly who was going to get one. When you got your notification you then had 48 hours to pay your invoice or the polish would be raffled onwards to someone else. And I signed up for the raffle.

But since my life always seem to be very hectic my short term memory is working as bad as Dory's. So when Ninja Polish released their Girly Floam I went ahead and bought it /facepalm. And a week or so later I got confirmation that I had won the right to acquire GRBD - and since I was curious as to whether the two were real dupes I ended up buying it.

So here they are:

Girly Floam and Girls Rule, Boys Drool are filled with pink and dark lavendar matte glitter.

Pinky: Girly Floam, two coats over nails inc. floral street. With top coat.
Ring: GRBD, two coats over nails inc. floral street. With top coat.
Middle: Girly Floam, two coats. No top coat
Index: GRBD two coats. No top coat.

As you can see Girly Floam is way denser than GRBD. I would think you could get Girly Floam opaque in three layers while GRBD would take at least one layer more. 

GRBD was thinner than Girly Floam but both seemed to pool the glitters when I applied them. They both behaved better with undies than without.

As mentioned earlier both polishes are with two layers - you'll get the same look from Girly Floam with one layer as two layers of GRBD give you.

They do dry slightly gritty but that can be remedied with either a glitter tamer or an extra layer of top coat. I just thought it would be nice for once to see how a glitter like this looks with only a regular layer of top coat.

If you'd like to get your hands on Girly Floam it is in stock at the Ninjas at the moment and if you're quick you can get it before US shipping rates rises on Sunday.

søndag den 20. januar 2013

Untried Sunday: Girly Bits Stormy Skies

It is no secret that I love Girly Bits - I have quite a few now,  and luckily I have had a lot of them gifted to me in secret swaps. As you could see on the picture I posted when I wrote about Boo-Berry, Stormy Skies was also in that lot. And I didn't wear it.

Seeing these pics I have absolutely no idea why!!!

It is a gorgeous light gray that leans slightly blue with the most amazing glass fleck shimmer - and the name is perfect for this polish.

Please bathe in the beauty that is Stormy Skies:

Formula was fantastic, didn't have any application problems and dry time is fast.

Ooohh, glass flecks - did I tell you I love glass fleck polishes?

Just look at those lovely glass flecks in the bottle:

Did I mention the glass flecks?

This is actually quite close to the elusive Illamasqua Raindrops (which at the re-release sold out in no time), but it is opaque in two coats which is way better than the oodles of coats it takes to get Raindrops opaque. If any of you  would like a comparison post, leave a comment and I'll get on it as soon as I can.

Girly Bits will soon be available to buy from a European e-tailer when Foxy Fingertips opens shop. Until then you can either buy them directly from the BigCartel store - or buy a select choice from Llarowe, Harlow & Co. and Overall Beauty.

søndag den 13. januar 2013

Untried Sunday: Elevation Alphubel

As hinted this tuesday I will start the year out with a new feature called Untried Sunday. In order to try to get through my giant stash of untrieds, Untried Sunday will take over last years 52 Week Challenge - which we all know went Pete Tong the moment we hit November :D.

I have pictures taken for most of the challenges but never got time to write about them. They will eventually get posted when I get the time and will be featured on my 52 Week Challenge Tab where you can see the progress of my rather feeble nail art skills.

But to get back to those untrieds...

To continue on the back of the former post, Ama Dablam started my love affair with Elevation Polish. It has fast become one of my favourite indie brands and in November and December my collection of Elevation Polishes increased nine fold!! The polish I am going to show you today is from the first of my orders and is called Alphubel.

A lovely baby blue with a gorgeous shimmer:

This applied very well for a pastel colour. I could have gotten away with one medium layer but I thought it looked better with two thinner coats.

I had a hard time capturing the gorgeous shimmer in my light tent so I went to the bathroom to get a proper picture of it, which in return gave me lobster hands :D

It was working with this polish that made me realise how awesome this brand is. I am a glitter ho so no wonder I loved Ama Dablam, but it is my humble opinion that the moment you can get a shimmer or creme in this quality with an indie seller you can't go wrong when purchasing polishes. So I have to say I look forward to spend more money on this brand in the coming year.

Unfortunately I hadn't realised the settings on my camera had somehow changed (I think one of the girls might have hit a button one of the days they went photo ballistic), so the image resolution on these pictures along side most of the pictures in December is not very high, but I hope you got a proper feeling of this gorgeous polish.

Elevation Ama Dablam

I was extremely lucky to get hold of this beauty when Lulu at I Dig Brown Nail Polish aka the creator of Elevation Polish did preorders for the very last batch of this wonderful glitter polish. This is a very complex polish with different copper and teal glitters.

For this combination I layered it over YSL 142 Ultra Orange and Leighton Denny Plush Pink.

I used two coats for this level of coverage.

 This polish was very easy to apply, there was no need to dab it in order to get this to cover properly. I used one coat of Gelous and one coat of top coat to get full cover of the glitter though I think I could have gotten away with one liberal coat of top coat.

Some of the glitters do have a tendency to "cling" to each other but in my experience it is a common trait in glitter layering polishes when they are packed with glitter the way Ama Dablam is.

 This is really gorgeous, the way the copper glitter seem to light from within in indirect sunlight is absolutely amazing!!

Even in shadow it lights up!

You can purchase Elevation Polishes at Lulu's BigCartel Store, right now there are quite a lot of polishes in stock. She usually restocks new colours the 7th of each month but due to technical issues she has moved this month's restock to the 22nd, that is usually a restock of recurring colours - so there will be loads of polishes to get a hold on. I myself will be getting Marmolada and Jungfrau if they don't sell out too quickly.

tirsdag den 8. januar 2013

Happy New Year

We're a week into the new year and I have been enjoying some time with the family. We celebrated New Year's Eve with the girls who were ecstatic about the whole concept so we had decorations, confetti, crackers, table bombs, festive drinks and the traditional home made Marzipan Ring Cake, done as a snake.

They wanted a dragon but I got stomped trying to figure out how to make proper wings, so we compromised and did a snake instead - but I'd definitely do it next year :D

I never got around to do my nails because of all the decorating and cooking going on so I had nekkid nails though I had a lot of ideas of what to do. Fireworks, glitter bombs, silver chrome, 2013...

This has lead me to do some thinking and evaluating of the past year. When it started I had zero to none followers, never done any nail art, the only indie brand I owned was Lynnderella, knew practically no other nail bloggers and I'd never made a Marzipan Ring Cake before.

Today I have more followers than I ever thought I'd get (thank you), done quite a bit of nail art (though I still haven't finished my 52 week challenge, at least not posting wise), I own quite a lot of indie polishes and plan on acquiring more in the coming year, I have gotten to know so many awesome ladies this past year - and can now say I bake a mean Marzipan Ring Cake, though technically it's a snake rather than a ring.

So what's to come for me in 2013?

Mostly I'd love to do a refurbishing of my little corner of the nail blogging world so watch out for a new look during the next couple of months. And then I would hope to get even more posting done. I was going to join the Crumpet 31 day challenge here in January but who was I trying to kid? I haven't even finished my 52 week challenge yet for God's sake!! So I will be looking around for some new challenges throughout the year.

On my facebook page I was talking about doing Untried Sunday to get through the polishes I still haven't worn and the more I've thought about it the more I am liking that idea. So starting from next Sunday that little challenge will be set in motion.

And to set myself an overall goal for 2013 I have decided to aim for 120 posts for the coming year. Hopefully it will be many more but this number seem attainable to me and that is what is important I think.

So I hope to see more of you in the new year and to get you a little bit excited about that Untried Sunday, here is a preview of the polish you'll see this coming Sunday: