tirsdag den 6. maj 2014

Fancy Friday 52: Holo Madness

I had this challenge ready picture wise for publishing on the day but I had had a busy couple of days that got in the way of writing up the post which was a bummer since we had awesome sunny weather - and then it wasn't going to be any less busy in my life for another week and a half so I almost decided on not show you what I wore...but these nails were too crazy not to get posted so here I am ;)

I actually wore two different holographic manis that friday since I couldn't choose. One with Elevation Polish Vinson and one with Lilypad Lacquer Purple People Eater:

I wanted to stamp with Elevation Polish Haleakala but it turned out to be jelly like in consistancy so it didn't stamp well - but goddammit it's holo when used with a nail art brush. I just did some random patterns which actually turned out okay.

Look at that rainbow:

Vinson is one of the most crazy gorgeous polishes I own, it is a Lilac foil metallic holographic and it is made of win and awesome!!!


I tried to stamp the Lilypad as well with Elevation Polish Darkest Storm but that one was as jelly as Haleakala so that one didn't work either:

The dark blue and the holo effect never translated to the nail - but it did stamp beautiful here but not what was intended.

Gorgeous, gorgeous purple holographic nail polish!!

Jeg har haft alt for meget om ørerne de sidste to uger og det er gået ud over bloggen. Forrige fredag var der holografiske lakker på programmet og de her to er nogle af mine favoritter :)