lørdag den 21. februar 2015

Fancy Friday #93: Multi Colour Stamping

I am finally back after life threw me a curve ball. Blogging about nail polish and nail polish challenges has had to take third place for a while, but I have been polishing my nails so there are plenty of manis to share with you in the near future :D. And my return is also a small celebration worthy since this is actually my post no. 300!!

Multi Colour Stamping is the challenge for this week's Fancy Friday - and a stamping technique I've become quite thrilled with.

Unfortunately this particular mani is one of those that worked so much better in my mind's eye - I think I should have used a dark base colour instead.

Base colour is Elevation Polish Yeti Hugs Feels So Close:

I used Messy Mansion plate 32 which is an egyptian themed plate and has a design I have wanted to use since I purchased it. I used my Rica stamping polishes and started with randomly placing blobs of each colour on the image.

I did my middle nail first, but made the mistake of trying to blend the colours together while I was scraping. That certainly didn't have the desired effect and instead of a wonderful rainbow they turned into this murky sort of berry colour that wasn't even exciting.

So for the rest I tried to simply wipe my scraper over the image in one go. That had an equally problemtic effect - a lot of the design became almost invisible when stamped on white, as you can see it is really hard to see the intricate design.

Hopefully I will have time soon to recreate this with a darker base colour :).

Remember to check the rest of the Fancy Friday bloggers, there are some fantastic multi colour stamping manicures going on!!!

Så er jeg her endelig igen, livet har været rigtig meget i vejen for blogning om neglelak og lakudfordringer, men forhåbentlig er jeg tilbage for fuld styrke i løbet af de næste fjorten dage. Og så er det her altså mit indlæg nummer 300!!!! Og med en af mine nye favoritter når det kommer til stamping: Flerfarvet stamping. Desværre er det slet ikke tæt på det jeg så for mig, da jeg udtænkte det her design, men sådan er det jo en gang i mellem :D

Husk at checke de andre piger ud, for det er virkelig nogle helt fantastiske flerfarvede stamping manier!!!

torsdag den 19. februar 2015

From the Vault: Girly Bits Gloss48 Trio swatches

I've been crappily sick today and ideas for my Fancy Friday manicure for this week are seemingly lost in my sickness - so while I am feeling awful I thought I might as well write up a post on a manicure that has been hiding in the vault for the better part of nine months :D

I was so very fortunate to get a hold of a very limited trio of polishes that the wonderful Pam Heil from Girly Bits Cosmetics did for a Gloss48 promo last February, #endlesslove, #islandtime and #blingernails.

#endlesslove on my thumb, index and pinkie. #islandtime on my middle and ring.

I was on a train ride to a family get-together wearing this mani in May last year.  The sun was shining through the windows and I was blinded by my own nails :D

#endlesslove and #islandtime topped with #blingernails equals gorgeous nails!!