søndag den 28. april 2013

Untried Sunday: Jessika the Vampire Slayer

So finally my last of the Lacquistry Halloween 2012 polishes I own, and this really is a beauty. I'm not going to say much other than application was ace, dry time fast and it is layered over nails inc. westminster. I loooooove the complexity of this one. It has purple, black and orange hexes in different sizes, orange and black bar glitter, purple squares and loads more!!

Lovely fiery orange glitter - oh how I adore it...

And look at that: purple-teal colour shifting shimmer - an amazing surprise!!!

I am so happy I own this and the others from Lacquistry's Halloween collection, thanks to one of the amazing girls in my awesome birthday group!!!

Stamping Saturday...once again on a sunday

So another week has gone by so it's stamping time. So far I love it and I'm acquiring stamping plates like there is no tomorrow. My latest buy was yesterday when I bought My Online Shop's awesome Disney plate and Dr Who plate (it also got Harry Potter, Mario Bros. and other cool images).

But today features another cool stamping plate brand that is highly recommendable. Besides making polishes, Anni from Vivid Lacquer also makes stamping plates and the images are unusual, awesome and very very thought out. When she released her 007 plate how could I resist, it contained this:

VL 007 Nail Art Stamping Plate

How could I NOT buy it? Especially since I have Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit that goes so well with the looking-down-the-barrel-at-007 stamp!!

So I used both in this mani and though there are some VERY obvious faults here just look at how great the stamp in itself is - and I'm actually really pleased with it despite the unevenness of my stamping:

I really enjoy stamping and can highly recommend it :D

Vivid Lacquer plates can be bought in the Etsy shop and there was a restock last night with two new plates. They are awesome and I'm definitely getting these at some point!!

Disclaimer: This plate was bought by me for my own stamping pleasure.

søndag den 21. april 2013

Untried Sunday: Elevation Polish Toubkal

Today is gonna be a busy day. Have to bake cinnamon buns, take the twins to the movies and visit my mother's cousin - and blog as well!! So since I couldn't sleep I might as well spend my time on something useful :D

And I was going to show you Jessika the Vampire Slayer, but I just got an Elevation Polish membership and I felt like celebrating by showing you this here instead.

This post will be very short on words and very filled with pictures.

I love my Elevation polishes and the following is no exception - gorgeousness in a bottle!

Easy application and fast drying time. One of my all time favourite polishes.

 The golden glass fleck shimmer in this one just blew me away!!

 *Dies from glass fleck overload*

This simply  is beauty bottled. Elevation Polishes can be bought at Lulu's Bigcartel Store and they retail for 8.50 $. Luckily for you it is not sold out if you've fallen in love. Lulu will restock again on May 7, so stay tuned for that.

lørdag den 20. april 2013

Stamping Saturday

So next up for Stamping day are Dragons!!! I love dragons and they are awesome creatures. I am a RolePlaying Gamer and one of my characters is a teenage wizard - an 18 year old girl who's mentally connected to a thousands-of-years-old dragon. Even got a custom made tote bag from Haut Totes with two Myka Jelina designs. A fairy that was so close visually to how I saw Aevilja and a marvellous dragon. How could I not get a custom bag made out of those images?

So when I was purchasing some new stamping plates from new-to-me Messy Mansion and saw this plate, I just had to have it.

So which colours to use? One of my nail polish friends was in that awesome RAOK I mentioned here and she sent me a long wanted China Glaze, Flying Dragon. Awesomeness in a bottle!!! Thank you Ana!! So this was a no brainer for base. And what to use to stamp with other than a-england Dragon and St. George. I still need to practice more, but I think these turned out nice.

These are taken in my bathroom under artificial light - so pardon the orangy fingers, and concentrate on the holo magnificense instead ;)

Here comes St. George to slay the dragon:

Look at that beautiful blue and pink shimmer in Flying Dragon!!!! And the dragon stamp is just mindblowingly awesome:

This is taken in my light box and shows the base colours of St. George and Dragon - but the holo effect got lost:

Indirect sunlight - and a GINORMOUS chip I hadn't seen until I cropped the picture, but I just love the way Flying Dragon looks here:

 If you don't own Flying Dragon, you need to get it. It is just amazing. And if you stamp you better go buy some from Messy Mansion, her plates are to die for.

søndag den 14. april 2013

Untried Sunday

So I missed Untried Sunday last week, sorry if you showed up to see what was the accent nail on my last Untried Sunday - so I'd better show you today :)

You're Invited is from Lacquistry's Halloween 2012 collection. Being the Glitter Bomb Queen on the indie polish scene, Jenna sure knows how to do 'em, this collection has been no exception. You're Invited is one layer on top, I had only to slightly manipulate the brush to get the coverage you see on these pics.

Formula was really good, not too thick and fast dry time as well.

Undies is Elevation Polish Tindur, a lovely very, very pale green with that lovely in-tone shimmer that I so love in the shimmers from Elevation. This was a dream to put on. I don't know what Lauren puts in her polishes but her pastels are so easy to work with. No significant dragging and perfect application in two layers.

As I've said a number of times before I really love that fiery ember like feeling you get from orange glitters - this is no exception.

And some close-ups for you to enjoy the glitters even more:

So for next Untried Sunday I will show you the last of the Halloween 2012 glitter polishes from Lacquistry that I own: Jessika the Vampire Slayer. And stay tuned, there might be some more random posting coming up this week :D

Stamping Saturday...on sunday.

And then it became sunday here in Denmark before this got up :D

I've had this polish combination flowing around in my head for quite some time and during my Easter break in Sweden there was finally a sunny day for the first time in like forever for me and luckily I brought both polishes.

This combo is China Glaze Purr-fect Plum with Color Club Cloud Nine and the plate is Dashica XL SdP 32.

I am really enjoying this stamping thing so I'm considering doing it on a more regular basis which means stamping on random days when I feel like it more than making it a set day for it.

onsdag den 10. april 2013

My first Red Dog...

Today I have something beautiful to show you. Red Dog Designs is an indie brand made by a girl whom I met in one of the facebook polish groups. Gina does gorgeous glitter bombs that are totally fantastic. In february she released a Valentine collection inspired by Mr. Ol' Blue Eyes aka Frank Sinatra and I fell totally in love with it. I have three of them and here is the first, Be Careful, It's My Heart:

I instantly new which polish I'd use it with when I got the polish and I do believe these two are a perfect fit: China Glaze Deviantly Daring from last year's Bohemian Lustre Chrome Collection.

Totally gorgeous together, I think.

 I did some close-ups so you could see the different glitters:

The Ol' Blue Eyes Collection retails for 8.75 $ a piece and can be purchased at Red Dog Designs Bigcartel store, where her two previous collections also are available.