mandag den 28. november 2011

Cult Nails Nail Mail

Woohoo, this just came with my mail man:

Some Cult Nails Polishes, me thinks.

It's the Super Powers Collection! I love those burritos.

And some base and top coat - and Vicious :)

And here they are, in all their unpacked glory: Vicious, Get it On(base coat), Wicked Fast(top coat)

Clairvoyant (Unicorn Puke twin), Mind Control, Power Thief, Time Traveller

I am going to swatch them later today and will post it shortly after. Time Traveller shows huge promise in the bottle - whoever told Maria Morrison, that it should be called that, is a genius - it is a dead on dupe of the Tardis' navy blue colour. I love me some Dr. Who on my fingers, haha.

onsdag den 23. november 2011

BB Couture

A couple of months ago, I finally got my first shipment of BB Couture polishes. I have been wanting them for a long time, and then Kym at Overall Beauty had a Buy 4 get a fifth for free, and I went and got me some :).

I really love the fact that BB Couture have both male and female collections - and personally I seem to fall harder for the male collections. It was so true with the limited edition Eye Candy they released this summer, I was really enamored with Heavenly Hunk, so I ended up buying that and Playboy. And here they are in all their glory:

If I never get my hands on Coco Blue, I think I could happily use this as a substitute

I am really in love with these, I think they look great on me :D

These are two coats, I had slightly VNL (Visible Nail Line) after one, so I did two. The light blue was surprisingly easy to work with, I usually am crap at handling light coloured polishes. Application was a dream, they levelled out perfectly - and I have to say I am hooked.

I still need to wear the other three, which are: Trim and Tassled(female eye candy), Redwood Forest(Vampy Varnish) and Napa Valley Red(also Vampy Varnish) - but I'll save those for another day.

søndag den 20. november 2011

Dior Nail Mail

I am a very lucky girl. This beauty was in my mail box yesterday - and for once I really got a bargain of ebay.

I am looking forward to try it on, will hopefully have time to wear it later this week.

tirsdag den 15. november 2011

My first jelly sandwich...

And so another week has passed - life with twins can really make time fly - so it is time for an update :).

I have seen jelly sandwiches on almost all the blogs I read so I think it is time to show you my first try. A month or so ago i purchased Fowl Play and Androgynie and the instant I had Androgynie in my hands I new I had to do a Jelly sandwich with my Nfu Oh jelly syrup 34. The bottle colour of JS 34 shows a dark hunters green but because of its extreme jelly-ness it is a perfect shade to give serious depth to Adrogynie. Take a look yourself:

Clickety-click for a better view :)

I really like the green hue and think it actually make it even more awesome.

Go on and click ;)

All in all I am pretty satisfied with this first try, it is definately something I will try again.

onsdag den 9. november 2011

Nail of the Day - Monochromatic

A couple of weeks ago I saw Nubar's Black and White Polka Dot at - and knew I had to own those. Unusual for me I actually have found time to try  a new polish a couple of days after purchase, so with no further adieu, here they are:

and the other hand:

Black base is Chanel Black Satin, one coat with one coat of White Polka Dot and white base is nails Inc. Floral St., one coat with two coats of Black Polka Dot.

Both Dots were quite thick, and a bit tiresome to work with. Besides that I had to pick up black hex glitter from the bottle and place them in order to get more than one on each nail - but I really like it anyway. And for the White Polka Dot: It ain't any kind of white but gold and silver, not that I complain, I think it looks wonderful! They do come off a bit chunky so you'll need a thick top coat in order for them to look really good. For me the one that really works is nails Inc. Caviar 45 second Top Coat. Works wonders every single time!

Some might declare fail on these, but I am glad I got them - wearing this makes me quite happy.

So did you purchase them or couldn't you care less? Feel free to share your thoughts!

Wow....and some nail mail

Well, colour me surprised. Earlier today I shared a link to this blog over at The TraceFacePhiles Facebook page. And now I got followers - that is totally awesome. Thank you for stopping by, hope you tag along and keep an eye on me every once in a while.

And speaking of The TraceFacePhiles...A few days ago I purchased some goodies from Traci's blog sale - yes that girl ships internationally - and yesterday they arrived. Take a look here:

I love the fact that the bubble wrap is red and that she uses tape with skull and crossbones on!!

This is what was inside these little cuties:

butterLondon - Tart With a Heart, Hard Candy - Zombie(this is not the original purple/blue glitter, they took an existing colour and renamed it Zombie - but the name escapes me), Georgia Brown - Cotton Candy, Georgia Brown - SB Blue
I planned on taking some close ups of the individual polishes when my camera started acting up, so I only got pictures of:

I really am looking forward to try this on - been wanting it since I saw the first promo pictures  

This is my first Hard Candy polish, and it looks pretty neat I think
I can highly recommend shopping at Traci's. She is wonderful, have awesome polishes and make up for sale, super friendly and very customer oriented! You can take a look at her goodies here or just stop by her amazing blog: The TraceFacePhiles

mandag den 7. november 2011

Giveaway Galore what it is, over at the TraceFacePhiles. Believe it or not, that girl is having giveaways with every new 1oo followers - which is ALL kinds of awesome. Prepare yourself for picture and link spam:

First up is her 1800 followers giveaway and the chance to win the entire OPI Muppets collection:

You can join in the fun HERE

And this is what you can get at 2000, out of all this, there will be SEVEN winners:

I would really like either of them, you can check all the prizes out by following this LINK

2100 followers inspired here to give away these little beauties:

There can be only two winner this TIME

And finally there is this:

For us international followers, there is an eeeeetsy-beeeeeeeetsy chance to get our hands at some Julep POLISHES

I am soooo stoked about this, though the chances of winning are sort of slim, they're better than the national lottery, haha.

lørdag den 5. november 2011

Nail Mail and Cult Nails Pre Sale

Received a little box at work today with these beauties inside it:

From left to right: Indigo Illusion, Reclaim, Black Polka Dot, White Polka Dot, Diamont Top Coat, Foundation Base Coat. The mini set was part of a promo at Buy any two Nubar products and get these for free, yay.
I am so looking forward to try these, I'm a Nubar virgin :D

On another note, still nail polish related: Cult Nails is doing pre sale for the Super Powers Collection this week-end. The already infamous Unicorn Puke twin, known as Clairvoyant is a part of that collection - but will only be sold as part of the set during pre sale. You can check out Maria's own swatches here:

Will you be gaining super powers after the weekend? I sure will, have pre ordered my set this morning together with top and base coat. According to Maria, pre orders will ship around 29th November.