torsdag den 8. maj 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #18: Neon

Time to give some love to my older polishes, this week I have been searching for neons. I don't have many and some are too new to be a part of this challenge...but these babies here fit the bill perfectly. Some I've had for two years others for one year.

And the neons are:
The Nail Junkie Summer Neon Jellies.

Blueberry and Apple:

Grape and Orange:

Pardon my trashy cuticles I've been bad at moisturising the past two weeks :/

I love Aleta's polishes, they are gorgeous and easy to work with. These babies are jellies so I highly recommend you use a white polish as base.

I love that they all have micro glitter in them as well:

Apple and Orange are insanely neon and are quite hard to catch in pictures.

One of my co-workers actually commented on these and asked me if I'd done my nails like the Ice Truck Killer from Dexter - that made me grin, since it's a guy :D, not to mention the fact I'm a pink and yellow short of it being ITK nails ;)

So now all I need is some sun...