torsdag den 29. maj 2014

Fancy Friday #56: Famous (Inspired by a Celebrity)

So I'm terribly late with this, last week's fancy friday - even though I had everything ready I still got sidetracked.

For this challenge there was NO hesitation I knew immediately who I would let me inspire by since I am a HUGE fan:

He gets his nails done and though not as adventurous as other celebrities I found it extremely fitting to choose Eddie Izzard for this challenge. He is on tour in America at the moment with his latest show called Force Majeure - and the poster is one big nailspirational extravaganza:

And this is what I ended up with:

Making spirals is NOT easy, I fought hard with it and I am not quite satisfied...

My middle finger is an attempt to recreate the pattern on his tie which sort of worked:

Click here to see the tie up-close and personal

And I noticed I made the tie blow the wrong way :D

Even though there are some misses in this mani I was really happy with it.

Remember to check the other girls as well, they did awesome!

Sidste uges Fælles Fredag tema var Inspireret af en kendt - og jeg har valgt komikeren Eddie Izzard. Jeg er vild med ham og eftersom han også går med neglelak var det jo så meget oplagt at blive inspireret af ham ;).
Jeg har taget udgangspunkt i promomaterialet til hans seneste tour, Force Majeure. Jeg er ret glad for slutresultatet selv om det ikke er helt i vinkel.