torsdag den 8. maj 2014

Fancy Friday #53: Happy 1st Birthday

Last week saw the first year of Fancy Friday passing by and who'd have thunk I would still be here?

I certainly wouldn't have thought that a year ago. Which is why I really had a celebration on my nails. Bring out the bubbly and confetti!!!!

I love MoyouLondon plates, I have a couple with XL patterns on and they are simply way too large for my nails which makes it hard for me to align the patterns properly. So I chose to do reverse stamping instead and then cut the designs out to fit my nails.

Which is why my middle finger looks particularly lumpy -  one big design cut down to three small images that are then placed on my nail. But that also means there is a lot of excess dried top coat that has a tendency to lump together when the final layer of top coat is applied.

I really enjoyed making these though they do take some extra time and effort. Despite of the lumpiness of the mani I am quite satisfied with the outcome, it looks almost like I envisioned it.

Fælles Fredag holdt 1 års fødselsdag i sidste uge, og jeg måtte altså fejre at jeg har holdt på i et helt år, dog med en del forsinkelser på mine indlæg de sidste uger. Så det blev fyrværkeri, champagne og serpintiner der kom på neglene :D