søndag den 30. juni 2013

Untried Sunday: Nerd Lacquer Gorramit

One of my favourite tv-shows of all time is Joss Whedon's Firefly. I am desperately in fangirl love with Captain Tight Pants and forever girl crushing on Morena Baccarin. Some people don't get the fascination but I instantly loved the concept of Wild West in Space - and Christina Hendricks kicks some serious ass in this way before Mad Men ;)

I never got hands on Nerd Lacquers back in the day, but have been wanting the Dr. Who and Firefly Collections since I saw them back in 2011. Luckily I was able to swap my way to a few so I thought I'd show one of them to you today.

Gorram in the Firefly verse is a cuss word used as often as the F-word is here and therefore no wonder Amanda would choose to call one of her polishes that :D


I have this strange relationship with yellow nail polish, I want it bad but most yellows don't suit my skin tone. This looks okay, I think - maybe it's all the glittery goodness that make me overlook something ;)

I think I've said this numerous times - fiery orange glitter really flips all the right switches with me...maybe that is the reason I think it looks good on me.

And there is red square glitter in it - really, I don't do red, but this I LIKE!!

 By the way, I made a macro...LOOK AT ALL THAT GORGEOUS GLITTER!!!!

I still haven't gotten my hands on Shiny and I Aim to Misbehave but hopefully I will be able to catch them sometime in the future. And I still think it was a Gorram shame Fox cancelled this show...at least the fans got a movie three years later:

fredag den 28. juni 2013

Fancy Friday #9: Gradient/Ombre

Hi there, back to normal scheduling due to awesome hubby doing tech stuff at the back-end :D

And another friday has come and therefore it is time for FF and this time I've chosen to do an ombre mani since I wanted to try something I've only done once before. And I made it the old school way, just to challenge myself a little.

I grabbed a gorgeous deep rich lilac from nails inc. called devonshire row. And I apologise in advance for the strange colour of my hands but they suffer when I need to adjust the camera settings to get a proper representation of the polish colour ;)

 Then I painted my middle finger with it. I then took three drops and mixed it with one drop of white and painted my ring finger.

Then I took three drops more, mixed them with two drops of white and painted my little finger.

 And then I did the same for the index and thumb but using black instead of white.

These are one coat, but they were very thick coats in order to make sure I didn't need two coats - that could eff up the colour since I worked in the evening and couldn't be sure I could make the exact same colour for the second coat.

But I couldn't leave it at that so I had to sponge some glitter on top of it and did it with Lynnderella Shape Shifter.

So there you are. I don't know if I care for doing this again, I may just line up polishes in the same colour spectrum that goes from light to dark instead, at least that will get me through more of my stash ;)

Ugens Fælles Fredag tema er gradient/ombre. Der er altid stor forvirring om, hvad der er hvad, men jeg har altid holdt mig til at en ombre er en graduering af en farve fra lys til mørk på håndens fem fingre, og at en gradient er en tilsvarende graduering, men lavet på en enkelt negl - og den graduering kan man så opnå med forskellige teknikker. At man så i dag også laver gradient skittles er bare helt fantastisk i mine øjne!!

Jeg har startet med grundfarven devonshire row fra nails inc. på min langefinger. Derefter har jeg taget tre dråber af den og blandet en dråbe hvid i og lagt den på ringfingeren. Så har jeg taget yderligere tre dråber og blandet med to dråber hvid og lagt på lillefingeren. Dernæst har jeg gjort det samme bare med sort, for at opnå det mørke farveskift på pegefinger og tommeltot. Tilsidst har jeg brugt en make-up svamp til at påføre Shape Shifter fra Lynnderella.

tirsdag den 25. juni 2013

Fancy Friday #8: Decals/Stickers

HOOOOORAY, hubby solved the dns problem and now I can get this up, hopefully you'll forgive the delay.

So today's FF post - five days late I might add - is one I am really happy with. I've never used decals or stickers but I do have some in my nail art basket. I bought some really cool scull stickers last year at Overall Beauty that I thought I'd use for Halloween but never did, so I pulled them out to do something with.

Then I wondered what to do with them since I didn't just want to stick them on a simple canvas but rather wanted something "edgy" to go with them.

Cue Missy from Gnarly Gnails, she does grungy stuff that is seriously cool so I went and had a look on her blog - and then I stumbled over this tutorial.

And then this sort of just happened:

I am soooo happy with this mani and it seems I am getting way better at nail art at a much faster pace than last year, which makes me really glad.

You can purchase the decals here, if you are so inclined.

Hope you enjoyed this and take care ;)

Velkommen til endnu en gang Fælles Fredag, denne gang MEGET forsinket, årsagerne er mange så dem skal jeg nok undlade at kede jer med. 

Dagens udfordring er decals/klistermærker, noget jeg ikke rigtig har gjort det i, selvom jeg har en del liggende. Valget faldt på nogle dødningehoveder jeg købte hos Overall Beauty sidste år, de er virkelig cool synes jeg. Jeg blev enig med mig selv om, at de havde behov for en lidt grungy baggrund og hvis der er en blogger derude som er grunge er det Missy fra Gnarly Gnails. Inspireret af en tutorial på hendes blog, endte jeg med dette design, som jeg er meget begejstret for.

It's oh so quiet...

There has been silence here for more than a week now. Several things has been going on, mostly a nasty summer cold that has reduced the family to a zombie like state. But also a grand mother turning 80took priority :)

And worst of all: I have forgotten to upload photos to my online photo album and now the router furiously denies it knows my computer - so no Internet access on it, and therefore no pictures for my featured posts :P

Hopefully it will be up and running again when my hubby is feeling better. And I will check some of my older folders to see if there's anything interesting to share with you.

Take care!!

lørdag den 15. juni 2013

Stamping Saturday: Sinful Color In the Mist with Vivid Lacquer plate 004

I've been neglecting this for a couple of weeks, but here it is again: my stamping adventure continue. The most excellent part of this is that besides doing some stamping I'm using mostly untrieds for base colour. And this one is no exception.

Sinful Color In the Mist has been sitting in my Helmer for quite some time now and I thought I'd use it as base for the knitting stamp on the VL plate 004.

I really like how this turned out:

Pardon the rough cuticles, totally forgot to moisturise before I took the pictures...

I find stamping is very gratifying now that I master have found a way that works for me.

fredag den 14. juni 2013

Fancy Friday #7: Texture

Back again with this week's Fancy Friday manicure. Today the theme is texture - which I guess could cover all sorts: Caviar, velvet, liquid sand.

Luckily for me I received this P2 Sand Style nail polish a couple of months ago, it was gifted to me by the wonderful Nailant. I never got around trying it so I pulled it out of the Helmer for this challenge.

It is a navy blue polish with gray undertones called Confidential and it has a rainbow of small glitter particles - a real beauty. I've actually been on the fence about this trend but now that I've tried it I must say I'm a believer. I love the fact that it dries quickly and wears like iron.

This is deliberately out of focus to show you the colours that is in the micro glitters - makes it gorgeous to look at. And it really looks much more textured in these pics than in person.

And the sun makes those small particles glisten - deliberately unfocused to highlight the sparkle:

Fælles Fredag i denne uge er tekstur. Jeg har en enkelt Liquid Sand i min samling, fra det tyske mærke P2. Den hedder Confidential og er så smuk, synes jeg. Den har ihvertfald overbevist mig om at teksturlakker er fantastiske, for jeg  har været rigtig meget i tvivl om det var en stil for mig.

onsdag den 12. juni 2013

Intense Debate on the blog...I think...

I've installed - or at least so I think I have - a new comment feature called Intense Debate which some of you may know from WordPress blogs. Mostly because I want to be able to get some link love going, and with this the last post you've done on your blog will feature in the bottom of your comment.

I've found that I like when I can see the latest post from a commenter's blog when I visit other blogs with similar features so I've wanted to be able to have the same feature here.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new comment setup as well :)

søndag den 9. juni 2013

Fancy Friday #6: Inspired by a movie or a tv-series

So Hubby and I decided to go to Sweden for the weekend, we share a lovely house with my In-Laws in a small town with a lake nearby. It  is a place of tranquillity and a it is a lovely way for us to recharge our batteries and get through our hectic days. Which also mean so-so internet connection and this time the comp couldn't connect with the router - so this post is VERY late.

I had so many awesome ideas for this mani, but time was sparse so I got a bit challenged time wise. But then Hubby suggested doing the theme nodes for one of the most quintesential Danish film series ever: The Olsen Gang. The theme song sounds a little something like this:

I actually got the nodes from the composer's own page:


I chose the first five nodes for obvious reasons and it ended up looking like this:

I won't lie - even with a nail art pen this turned out more difficult to make than I initially thought, but YAY for the BarryM nail art pen that Charlotte from Chakalacquer brought back for me when she was in London recently. I can highly recommend it if you find using a brush to make details more than just a little bit challenging!!

Posing to get the nodes in correct order also turned out to be rather problematic:

I was unable to align my thumb with the rest without loosing some of the image on it, and when I replaced it some of the image got out of focus:

 Here my middle finger curls in and effs up the overall design :D :

And here it all just went to hell in a hand basket, focus wise:

But the good thing is: It looks cool when you see it from afar!!

Denne uges Fælles Fredag er inspireret af en film eller en tv-serie. Jeg er stor fan af Dr Who, men har lavet det før og min Firefly ide krævede alt for meget tid - og det havde jeg ikke meget af i denne uge. Og så var det lige min mand reddede mig: Hvad med at lave noderne til temaet fra enten Matador eller Olsen-banden? Valget faldt på Olsen-banden da det første anslag lige nøjagtig kan være på fem fingre :D