torsdag den 27. december 2012

Wednesday Polish Picture Spam - on a Thursday

So I've gone and got myself a terrible flu which on a positive note means I'm blogging like crazy :D

For this week's picture spam are two indie Halloween polishes:

Dollish Polish I'm the Boogieman
From the Halloween 2012 collection

Lacquistry Heeere's Johnny

These are gorgeous polishes - unfortunately they are both limited editions, so getting them will be hard. But you can go browse their shops for other amazing polish creations. You'll find Lacquistry on Etsy filled with Holiday polishes and Dollish polish on Bigcartel, the site is in maintenance mode right now but it will be back in the new year. A select choice of Dollish can also be found at Overallbeauty.

onsdag den 26. december 2012

Girly Bits Boo-berry

In one of the nail polish groups I'm in we have a recurring secret bunny swap. It started at Easter which is why it is bunny themed so we've had secret Easter Bunny Swaps, Beach Bunny Swaps and this Halloween a Scary Bunny Swap. I received an amazing package from Marnie from nubbins4nails which consisted of the following gorgeous polishes:

I have yet to try the two minis but the rest have been tried, tested and are loved heavily by me.

The first I wore was Girly Bits Boo-berry, a gorgeous blurple jellylike glitter bomb. It is part of the Halloween Collection 2012 which unfortunately is limited edition. Like other of Pam's creations it is easy to work with - application is easy, formula great and dry time is fast.

There are so many different glitters in here, blue hexes, blue holo hexes, squares and bars. Pink and purple hexes, squares, black squares, micro glitter...I have stopped counting. But it makes for a stunning looking polish:

Just look at the gorgeousness of Boo-berry:

I can highly recommend getting some Girly Bits(pun intended) polishes, so far I haven't been disappointed. Always up to par with the major brands these beauties are more interesting than what you can normally get your hands on when buying polish and if you are not into glitter polish there are gorgeous shimmers in her collections as well.

Girly Bits can be purchased through the Bigcartel shop (which is under reconstruction but will return to normal in the new year), at Overall Beauty or llarowe.

Pretty &Polished It Gets Better: Swatches and review

Back when I purchased the Pretty&Polished Holiday Collection I also came across this beautiful polish and knew I couldn't pass on it. Chels Marie created it in honour of the It Gets Better project, a cause that is close to her heart - here in her own words is why she has made it:

This polish was made for the "It Gets Better Project".
The It Gets Better Project was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone — and it WILL get better.

I created this polish for all of the people I have lost to bullying. I understand not everyone agrees with my views on human rights and that is ok. I made this polish so that I could donate 50% of the profits to an organization that I appreciate.

The It Gets Better pledge:
"Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I'll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other bullied teens by letting them know that it gets better."

This polish is a mint green crelly (crème/jelly) with holo hexes in all the colours of the rainbow. It also has this gorgeous shimmer that makes the base colour very much like Dior's Waterlily, a polish that is almost beyond beautiful. No doubt that just by looking at the bottle I knew I would REALLY like this polish :D

 Though it is a hybrid I still needed three layers for full coverage - on the upside it dries super fast, with a slightly satiny finish.

Application was slightly tricky - I had to work a little to get the glitters to stay put instead of being drawn off when applying. But with a steady hand and some patience the result is awesome!

I used Nubar Diamond top coat with this and put on a liberal layer and had no grittiness after it was dry.

I tell you, those bubbles were not there when I looked at my nails :O - that's what you get for having a great camera :D

 I really adore this polish. The colour is right up my alley and it doesn't bother me the least that it takes a little extra care when applying.

I love my Pretty&Polished. Chels keep pouring out gorgeous polishes, though not all colours are my thing. But I have yet to look at the polishes she makes and go "meh" or "boriiiiiing" - which is all kinds of awesome.

You can purchase Pretty&Polished here and here, she still does international shipping though the rates are bound to rise because of the newest rises in shipping prices in the US. You also ought to follow her on facebook, loads of stuff going on there and catch up with the blog where you'll get all the news related to P&P

Disclaimer: This polish was purchased by me for review purposes.

lørdag den 22. december 2012

Well Nails Christmas Collection: Swatches and Review (picture heavy)

"Silent Night, Holy Night" - Christmas is descending fast on us all and I am in total stress mode - finished buying the last presents five hours ago and it is my birthday today which leaves very little time for blogging. BUT I have something awesome to show you today - the Christmas Collection from a Danish indie brand called Well Nails.

Charlotte, the creative genius behind Well Nails is a huge  How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) fan and she names her polishes accordingly. Previous polishes have names like "Happy Slapsgiving", "Drunken Nights at MacLaren's" and "Did You Just Mosby Me?"

And this collection is no different which fans of the series will recognise.
The polishes are glitter bombs divided in layering glitters and glitters with coloured bases.

Rock in the New Year
Layering polish filled with golden, copper, holographic blue, purple and black hex glitter in various sizes and black and blue bar glitter.

This is two layers over nails inc. hampstead gardens. The glitters glided on very smoothly, though I did need to dab here and there to get it this even.

This one dried really fast. You do need a liberal amount of top coat and put on two coats, or use a glitter tamer in order to avoid grittiness.

You Gotta Get Over that Grinch
A green crelly that starts off as if you need oodles of layers but turns out it covers in two layers. White matte hex glitter and shreds, holographic red hexes, red squares and bar glitter. Awesomeness in a bottle and my favourite!

Fast dry time and needs a liberal layer of top coat but the pay off is to die for. Very glossy indeed:

I've already worn this polish twice and I think I'll wear it on Christmas Eve as well.

Just look at it:

All I Wanted was an Easy Bake Oven
Another layering glitter, this one is red and gold, with holograpic gold as well - loads of different kinds and sizes.

Here it is layered over nails inc. emerald street - I had to slightly dab to get the kind of cover you see in the pics. 

Very christmassy indeed:

And as with the other layering polishes, a glitter tamer will be needed, or at least two liberal layers of top coat.

What's that Pitter-Patter on the Roof?
Milk chocolate brown base with red, holographic red and black hexes and golden micro glitter.

This one has taken me by surprise. The greens, blues and layering glitter bombs are obvious winners in my book, but I think this one is so gorgeous and I usually don't go for these colours - I mean, there is light brown and red in this one!! I don't do those colours usually. So a very nice surprise indeed :D

This is two coats as with the rest of the coloured polishes.
Of course good amounts of top coat is needed with this one, and as with the Grinch it is VERY glossy

Christmassy Winter Wonderland
Sky blue base with white matte glitter in different shapes and sizes - and some are holographic as well. 

It is uncanny how much this makes me think of Danish winter landscapes when snow has descended on us in cascades and then suddenly it is over and sun breaks through for an hour or so. The sky here is THAT blue!!

I really, really love this one!!

The North Pole is a Real Place
This is a very delicate polish, almost too delicate for me. Iridescent white base with white matte and holographic glitter - and it GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!

I have layered it over a-england Iseult which makes it look very delicate and like snow has fallen on my nails...

- and in the dark it glows BLUE!! Unfortunately my camera won't let me catch the wonderful glow but I can say it lit up my bedroom and was still "active" when I woke up the morning after!!

And finally:
I'm Gonna Have Christmas Alone in the Dark
Green, red and golden glitter. Hexes, shreds, micro glitter - and Glow!! This one is green!!

Here it is layered over nails inc. floral street, a stark white polish, and as you can see the GitD pigment gives it a slight tint - which I really like.

With fear of repeating myself: Glitter tamer and top coat would be good for this polish ;)

 This picture do not do the glow-in-the-dark any favours but by a freak accident I caught a little bit of the awesome green that lights up your entire bedroom when it has been "charged":

There is not one of these polishes that have disappointed me - just the opposite. They all apply smoothly and are easy to work with. I have had some lovely surprises that has made me adore colours I normally would only have had a shrug left for.

If you want to see how ahmazing "The North Pole is a Real Place" and "I'm Gonna have a Lonely Christmas in the Dark" are when they glow in the dark, you can check out Charlotte's own pictures of them on her blog: - go to the photo tab and be amazed by the gorgeousness of them.

You can buy Well Nails here, they retail between 10$ and 12 $. You can follow her on Facebook and check out her blog for news and early pictures of new releases. 

Disclaimer: These polishes were bought by me for review purposes.

onsdag den 5. december 2012

Dandy Nails Grave Robber

 Wow how time flies at this time of year - as soon as I get close to December it seem to just sift through my fingers.

So here, without further ado is the second of Dandy Nails' Halloween Collection polishes: Grave Robber.

This is a beautiful layering glitter polish with silver and copper shreds and micro glitters and looks gorgeous over white.

It has the usual perfect formula that Sandy delivers with every single polish and it is easily applied.

 Dry time was quick for a glitter like this and I didn't have to place them or dab, just two coats of regular applied polish :D.

Dandy Nails can be purchased here and I urge you to try her polishes out - they are fabulous!!