tirsdag den 26. august 2014

Fancy Friday #67: Inspired by a Swim Suit

This prompt was really hard at first. I really wanted to use a specific green RBL polish: Become One. So I did a Google search on Green Swim Suit - and trawled through masses of green bathing suits but nothing that inspired me. So I decided to do a more detailed search and put in "One Piece" in my search. And lo and behold a couple of pictures down, this one popped up and I went: Oooooooohh.

This is what I came up with:

Nothing really fancy but I really like how it looks - though I realised I should have been more random with the way the flowers turns :D

I adore this green polish and am so happy I own it - and I really need to wear it more often...now that Autumn is approaching it should get on my nails again soon!!

And this concludes my Fancy Friday mani back log so now I can get back to my regular, though sometimes sporadic, posting ;).

mandag den 25. august 2014

Fancy Friday #66: Duo

The second of my summer forgetfuls is this gorgeous mani.

This prompt made me instantly grab for this collaboration duo: Pahlish and Elevation Polish:

Pahlish Romance, a lovely dove gray polish with micro glass flecks *dies* and squishy deliciousnes:

Elevation Polish Bromance is a gorgeous glitter topper with white hexes, squares and circles and copper flakes in a clear base with coppery holographic shimmer.

The combination is wonderful if you ask me. It leans a bit on the safe side but there is something really attractive in that.

I think it is the copper flakes and shimmer that really sets it apart when you use these two together. Can't stop looking at my nails :D

I realised when I put Romance on that I really do need more Pahlish in my stash :D :D

søndag den 24. august 2014

Fancy Friday #65: Girly

I got up-to-date with my GOT manis so now it is time for my Fancy Friday manis. The first of those that got left behind during my summer vacation was the Girly challenge.

This was as girly as I could get it - a three-colour gradient with stamping and TWO pinks :O.

I used China Glaze Purple Panic as stamping colour and as yo can see it worked fairly okay. I used my MoyouLondon Sailor 04 plate.

The second pink is from Peita's Polish called Pink Blitz. It is from the One Year anniversary What's In-Die Box. Lovely pink holographic, I really like it.

Elevation Polish Matsuda...I have no words for this, it is really stunning - and that is coming from the girl that really doesn't like red. Or pinks. Totally out of my comfort zone here!!

The gray one is Bound to Fall from Dandy Nails. Beautiful polish with blue micro flakes in it. So gorgeous and I need to wear this on it's own soon!

I have to confess I was really out of my comfort zone here but I am actually quite happy with the result. And I might even wear pink and red more often :O.

fredag den 22. august 2014

Fancy Friday #69: Untried/Untested (Polish or technique)

Well, well, well - this mani ended up covering all aspects of today's Fancy Friday Challenge.

The polishes used here are untried and the technique is - for me - untested.

In one of the facebook nail polish groups I'm in somebody linked to Sveta_sanders on Instagram who does amazing 15 seconds nail art tutorials. When I saw her swirl all the nail polish with an orange stick I knew I had to try it for this challenge.

And I actually got pretty good results with it!

The polishes used are Zoya Marley and Zoya Valerie.

I had so much fun doing this that I'll have to try it sometime in the near future!

And the best thing?It was so easy to do. Just paint a couple of layers and then immediately swirl with a rosewood stick in the wet polish :D.

I hope you enjoyed this mani, I sure did enjoy making it.

Remember to check out the other Fancy Friday ladies out.

torsdag den 21. august 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #33: On a black base

Today's challenge is a lazy mani. I wasn't really in the mood to do intricate nail art so I decided to do a multichrome mani.

In the end I got so many photos I couldn't decide on which ones to use so I thought I'd do a slideshow instead. Cue my Photogrid app which on one of the more recent updates got a slideshow feature!!

Here is what Ozotic 505 looks like over a-england Camelot in different lighting:

Well this was a 15 second video when I last looked at it. Trust Google to F it up :D. I'll update the post later with an assortment of pictures ;).

Check out the rest of the GOT polish bloggers for great nailspiration!

onsdag den 20. august 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #31: Stripes

Time to dig out something gorgeous...Rescue Beauty Lounge Pause and Faraway. Using my awesome new nail art brushes I free handed the stripes.

I did this when we came back from Sweden but for some odd reason I never got around to prepare pics or write up a post...post-holiday funk, perhaps?

These reminded me how much I adore my RBL's. Perfect opacity in two layers and easy application.

And this concludes my GOT Polish back log :D.

tirsdag den 19. august 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #30: Glitter Topper

I was in Sweden when I did these nails and one of the polishes I always bring is Elevation Polish's travelling polish Dark Cloud. It all started out in a facebook fangroup where I'm a member. Lulu created a very limited glitter topper that we could buy if we promised to take it with us when we travelled. The challenge was to do a mani and photograph the polish at a holiday destination - and then post pictures in the group.

It soon developed in to a set concept where Lulu has made Dark Cloud part of her core collection - and she invites people to share their travel stories with it. And since I am in Sweden at least twice a year it has been travelling with me there for a couple of trips now.

So naturally I felt the need to use it for this challenge :D - as it's partner I have chosen Alter Ego Nail Enamels Beach Comber.  I love the blue base and the lavendar glitters I think they go really well together.

I absolutely adore this combo!!!! And if it wasn't for the fact that my untrieds are in the 100's I would wear this again very soon!

mandag den 18. august 2014

Fancy Friday #68: Glitter

I'm waaaaay behind on my Fancy Friday manis but I will post the previous ones also. For this week the theme was glitter.

Not much to say about this other than I combined three of my favourite brands and some amazing glitters they have created!

Base colour for this mani is also amazing - and that is a lot coming from me, I usually don't get excited about pink polish, but this one...Fabulous!!! China Glaze Purple Panic is neon pink with a slight blue shimmer that really sets it apart!! I love it.

My cuticles are a right mess. I did order a Bliss Kiss nail kit but apparently USPS screwed it all up and shipped my lovely nail oil to SPAIN - how in the world do you mix up Denmark with Spain????

Well anyway, I hope you like this specific glitter combination, I myself love it!!!

Forsinket igen-igen, men det er sådan det er lige for tiden, rollingernes skolestart har taget forrang for neglene :D. I dag er det glitter og jeg har kombineret glitterlakker fra tre af mine favoritmærker. Og som base har jeg brugt China Glaze Purple Panic. Den er fantastisk - hvis du ikke ejer en pink neonlak, må og skal du købe den her!!! Perfektion!!!!

torsdag den 14. august 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #32: On White Base

As soon as I saw Ms. Osborne in this dress I knew I wanted to do some nail art inspired by it - and then I realised that one of the August GOT challenge manis were going to be On a White Base...

Here is what I came up with - using nails inc. floral street as undies for Sealore Polish Beluga Blizzard. I free handed the time glass shape on my middle and ring finger and then taped the lower part. Then I put some black polish on a makeup sponge and just dapped away gently.

I cut out some triangular shapes that I taped on my little finger and dapped with a sponge applied with black polish.

On my index I used the "other" side of the triangular shapes I cut out, so my entire nail was covered with tape, except for the triangles - and dapped some black nail polish there as well ;)

Lastly I made a sort of yinyang swirl - it sort of seemed appropriate...

Hope you enjoyed these - I had a blast making them ;).

tirsdag den 12. august 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #29: Holographic

So here is the first of my many challenge manis that I just kept postponing.

Yay!! One of my favourite polish finishes was part of the GOT polish challenge!!! Too bad I was holidaying in Sweden and totally forgot to bring an old linear holo polish. I did bring Essie Carnival though so after the initial annoyance I got going with the polishes that I've actually brought.

I decided to use nails inc. hyde park gate as base for this and then glitter topping it all :D

I stamped my index finger with Vivid Lacquer plate 019 - I used a Konad lilac polish that I've had for a long time, but it really didn't give the colour pay off I was hoping for. I ended up finishing it off with a layer of Carnival.

I topped my middle and ring finger with Lynnderella Bibbety Bobbity Boo Blue and then topped it up further with Carnival :D.

And in order for thumb and pinkie to not feel left out I did two layers of Carnival for good measure :D

And an out-of-focus version to underline the holographic glitters:

Stay tuned for more challenges ;).