søndag den 30. juni 2013

Untried Sunday: Nerd Lacquer Gorramit

One of my favourite tv-shows of all time is Joss Whedon's Firefly. I am desperately in fangirl love with Captain Tight Pants and forever girl crushing on Morena Baccarin. Some people don't get the fascination but I instantly loved the concept of Wild West in Space - and Christina Hendricks kicks some serious ass in this way before Mad Men ;)

I never got hands on Nerd Lacquers back in the day, but have been wanting the Dr. Who and Firefly Collections since I saw them back in 2011. Luckily I was able to swap my way to a few so I thought I'd show one of them to you today.

Gorram in the Firefly verse is a cuss word used as often as the F-word is here and therefore no wonder Amanda would choose to call one of her polishes that :D


I have this strange relationship with yellow nail polish, I want it bad but most yellows don't suit my skin tone. This looks okay, I think - maybe it's all the glittery goodness that make me overlook something ;)

I think I've said this numerous times - fiery orange glitter really flips all the right switches with me...maybe that is the reason I think it looks good on me.

And there is red square glitter in it - really, I don't do red, but this I LIKE!!

 By the way, I made a macro...LOOK AT ALL THAT GORGEOUS GLITTER!!!!

I still haven't gotten my hands on Shiny and I Aim to Misbehave but hopefully I will be able to catch them sometime in the future. And I still think it was a Gorram shame Fox cancelled this show...at least the fans got a movie three years later: