fredag den 14. juni 2013

Fancy Friday #7: Texture

Back again with this week's Fancy Friday manicure. Today the theme is texture - which I guess could cover all sorts: Caviar, velvet, liquid sand.

Luckily for me I received this P2 Sand Style nail polish a couple of months ago, it was gifted to me by the wonderful Nailant. I never got around trying it so I pulled it out of the Helmer for this challenge.

It is a navy blue polish with gray undertones called Confidential and it has a rainbow of small glitter particles - a real beauty. I've actually been on the fence about this trend but now that I've tried it I must say I'm a believer. I love the fact that it dries quickly and wears like iron.

This is deliberately out of focus to show you the colours that is in the micro glitters - makes it gorgeous to look at. And it really looks much more textured in these pics than in person.

And the sun makes those small particles glisten - deliberately unfocused to highlight the sparkle:

Fælles Fredag i denne uge er tekstur. Jeg har en enkelt Liquid Sand i min samling, fra det tyske mærke P2. Den hedder Confidential og er så smuk, synes jeg. Den har ihvertfald overbevist mig om at teksturlakker er fantastiske, for jeg  har været rigtig meget i tvivl om det var en stil for mig.