tirsdag den 7. august 2012

Challenge Week 28: Gradient Nails

So, google and blogger decided to goof off some weeks back. It meant that I had problems getting access to my picasa web album through the blogger software, which meant: no pics on blog. Totally annoying and set me back two weeks on the challenge.

I shall not bore you further with excuses but will hurry on to the reason you are here.

I chose to do a layering gradient this time instead of a sponge gradient.

I have a very sheer jelly from Nfu Oh that I wanted to use for this mani, though the result turned out a bit meh.

This really doesn't look good up close but from a far distance it is quite pretty.

Unfortunately I had almost immediate shrinkage which for me is quite unusual.

The layering is really uneven and very visible on the middle finger.

I absolutely ADORE the bottles - I have a thing for corsets ;)

Cute, ain't it?

I finished off with a layer of CND Jade Sparkle which turned the original colour  more grass green than the hunters green it started to be.  

And on another note: My one year blogiversary is getting close which means I will have a couple of celebratory give aways. Keep your eyes open - it will be quite spectacular. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Is that all the same color, just in layers? If so, how many layers of the Nfu-Oh did you end up with? It's gorgeous, any which way, though I understand being disappointed in your work - goodness knows I do it to myself often enough!

    Also, this mani reminds me a lot of the gradient I did in cotton floss! ^_^ (It's at http://iroshishobby.blogspot.com/2012/03/flossed-fillies.html if you're interested.) Which also reminds me that I need to try that again. Thanks!

    1. Yes it is the same colour, I used four layers. The jelly syrups are really good when you need to do lots of layers, they are more translucent than any other jellies I know.

      I have done a previous layer gradient with it that turned out way better, so that may be the reason for my meh about this :)

      And you are very welcome ;)