tirsdag den 24. juli 2012

On vacation...

One week every summer is spent with some of my family in a cozy house in Sweden that we own together with my in-laws. Right now we are three families here and the kids are having a blast.

The sun is shining and temperature's past 25 degrees celsius.

Since I am prone to sunburn I stay inside during noon, and I was gonna show you some of my recent manicures. BUT Google has apparently decided to change access to one's Picasa album when using Blogger from "goaheadandlinkmydear" to "nocandodumbbum", so I can only upload directly from my computer - and that is home safe in Denmark *shake fists at google* Which means I won't be able to blog properly until early August when my holiday ends.

I do have a blog award post I am working on, and that one will be ready soon.

Hopefully you'll still be here ;), talk to you soon.