torsdag den 16. august 2012

Challenge Week 29: Rockstar Mani

I looked at this one for a loooong time, I was trying to figure out what Rockstar Mani could possibly cover. Then I did a search and found out that it is a brand that is used for doing gels and acrylics - but I also found a tutorial on how to do a home pedicure that could be something I could make use of:

Rockstar Toes tutorial

And I immediately thought of my GOSH nail glitter!! So I simply did a layer of base coat, sprinkled on a generous layer of my nail glitter, applied a layer of gelous and nails inc. caviar top coat - and thought meh...this needs to be blinged out :D

And then I brought out the blingiest nail polish I own: Lynnderella Shape Shifter. And holy wow it blinged the c*** out of it.

So how do you like these rockstar nails? Totally awesome or just not doing it for you? I'd like to hear your opinion.