onsdag den 29. august 2012

Dandy Nails Wonderwall

I am so happy to be able to present this wonderful indie polish. Sandy Gallo, the creative genius behind Dandy Nails, started out as a blogger but after releasing her own polish line she hasn't been doing much blogging. Which is kinda okay since her polishes are so frackin' awesome!!

I have been wanting some of her polishes for a long time but since she doesn't ship outside USA* I have had to have some help from a fellow polish fiend over there. The beauties I bought is part of the reason for my nobuy - I spent 3 months worth of my polish budget in July!!! Not just on Dandy Nails, mind you ;)

I had been drooling over  Like Disco Lemonade and Caught in the Crowd, but Wonderwall was the one that I thought I could not live without. And boy, was I right!!! As some of you may know I lurve blue nail polish and this is no exception. For undies I chose one of my untried nails inc. polishes, Instyle Bluebell.

And these two really match each other, just feast your eyes on the loveliness:

One coat of nails inc. InStyle bluebell, two coats of Dandy Nails Wonderwall.

A note on application: The brush is extremely tapered, I don't think I own a polish with that thick a brush, and that did take me some time to get used to. Furthermore this is a glitter bomb which means the consistency is on the thick side, and because of that it took me a little longer than usual to apply it. But by the second coat I had it nailed.

It also wears well. I have a job where my nails are constantly at work either opening film cans or writing on the computer. This mani lasted four days without any noticable tip wear.

*Since I got my beauties, Ninja Polish has started to carry Dandy Nails!!!! And they have international shipping!!! Now hurry on over and order some, they are sooooo worth it.

5 kommentarer:

  1. It's truly beautiful - and I love the name too LOL

    1. Yeah, it makes me wanna sing that song all the time :D

  2. Gorgeous! Can't wait to get more Ninja Dandies :D

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean!!! I got a gift certificate that I wanna save just in case the blues or the halloween colours are showing up on Ninja Polish

      I have a Doctor Who Mani coming up that will be in the way of trying Like Disco Lemonade...