torsdag den 16. august 2012

Challenge Week 31: Crackle Mani

I never really got the crackle craze, I saw oodles of swatches but never thought I'd buy one, though the OPI crackle "Shatter the Scales" from the Spiderman collection did look totally awesome - mostly because I love green.

So when I initially saw the crackle mani on the list I was arguing with myself what I would do when the time came. Well, no need to worry 'cause in my last nails inc. lucky dip (you buy six polishes for no money at all, they pick which polishes to send you) there was a crackle polish. A purple one, yay - and I actually quite like the effect. Colour me surprised!!!

First coat on my little finger was waaaaay too thick, but it did inspire me to try...

...thin layered stripes on my ring finger and a very thin layer on my middle finger.

Index finger is half circles...

And thumb is full circles.

I used nails inc. In Style Power Pink as base colour and the name of the crackle is hoxton, also from nails inc. I really like these two colours together and it's definitely not the last time I'll wear my hoxton :)