tirsdag den 1. april 2014

Fancy Friday #48: Negative Space Nails

It's been a whirlwind week, last week. Hubby went to Sweden with his dad to do some long awaited maintenance on our summer residence - when on a Zero budget it is good to have a family full of handy men :D

That left me home in Denmark with the rascals and having little time for painting the nails. I had decided not to do anything but then I saw this on Nailstormings Instagram account:


Which I thought looked super cool and figured it would fit perfectly with this challenge - so I did it anyway and the reason why this post is really late.

Also our computer gave up last week which means I couldn't get hold of my mani for Golden Oldie Thursday which is why there wasn't any posts last week :( - so those yellow nails may not ever see the day of light on the blog.

But onto the nails for FF:

The weather was really nice today so I decided to take these outside but the afternoon sun was really playing hide-and-seek so I only got them in shade.

All three polishes used are Elevations. The baby blue is Alphubel, gorgeous in-tone shimmer in this polish:

The glitter topper is Jbel Ayachi, a silver and matte ice blue concoction with a subtle shimmer that is VERY gorgeous!!

And last: Pic de Sottlo...I mean, it is blue. Like AWESOME in it's blueness. If you love blue like me you really need this. Lovely jelly like finish with the first layer but wonderfully opaque in two layers!!

I used a black BarryM nail art pen for the black stripe detail. It is without any doubt perfect if you feel brush work is a bit challenging ;)

Though I usually avoid VNL like the Plague I really like this design, that peek-a-boo effect you get with the naked nail in random places is really eye catching. I will definitely try this again!!!

Alene hjemme med ungerne er som regel ensbetydende med minus negletid, hvilket også holdt stik denne gang. Så jeg havde egentlig ikke regnet med at få tid til at kigge på noget nail art i sidste uge. Men så faldt jeg over et negledesign hos Nailstorming på Instagram som jeg altså bare måtte prøve af. Jeg er selv virkelig glad for det, synes mosaikeffekten er vildt fed. Er ellers ikke glad for synlig negl, men det FUNGERER bare i det her design :D