lørdag den 12. april 2014

Fancy Friday #50: Tribal/Pattern

For this challenge I was going to do a tribal mani but then one of my fellow Nordic nail addicts who runs Svartebloggen shared a blog post she did on reverse stamping and an awesome way to use it. Batcheeba's style is grungy and highly creative - in a remarkable way that reminds me of how Missy of Gnarly Gnails does things.

So this is became a pattern mani instead of the tribal, inspired by Reverse Stamping - The Cut Up:

I started out with these small fellows:

And then cut them into different pieces that I sort of randomly placed on my nails:

These were taken outside in indirect daylight:

As you may have noticed I moisturise before I take pictures :D.

The next pics are in artificial lighting:

I have used a different top coat here but I'm not totally convinced of it's use. I don't really find it fast drying and it made dents next to the edges of the decals - not cool in my view. But I still need to work a little more with it before I cast my final judgement.

So how do you like this? Something you'd try out or is it just not your thing?

Ugens udfordring er Tribal/Mønster. Jeg ville egentlig have lavet tribal men så faldt jeg over noget reverse stamping på Svartebloggen som jeg virkelig gerne ville prøve af. Og det er egentlig lykkedes meget godt ;)