fredag den 18. april 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #15: Hot Pink

Well here is a challenge that was almost impossible for me. I am not a pink person and my stash is almost without the colour - and only one polish I can call hot pink: OPI I'm All Ears. And since we're on holiday in Sweden with a lot of kids running around, this is just going to be a basic swatch to show you guys this stunner. 'Cause that is what this polish is!!! And I never thought I'd ever say that about a pink polish...Strangely enough all these pics turn red from the transfer from my phone :O.

 Just look at this - I mean, what's not to like about it? It has glass flecks for goodness sake!!! And I was lucky the sun was out and did all sort of great stuff with this polish.

I need to wear this again soon, this should not be packed away in my Helmer!!

*still a bit stunned that I like a pink polish*