lørdag den 22. marts 2014

Fancy Friday #47: Fairy Tale

I'm not as late with this week's Fancy Friday post as I have been for the past three weeks, so yay for that.

For the challenge I've chosen to do Disney princess DIY nail decals - which I usually can manage without any problems but this time they sort of suck.

I have been meaning to try the reverse stamping technique for nail decals for some time so since I have a stamping plate from My Online Shop with Disney princesses on I decided to try it out. Unfortunately the top coat I used was thick and goopy and for some strange reason I didn't thin it. Which resulted in some rather thick base that also curled up a bit when drying.

I then stamped each princess and let them dry and lastly I found suiting polishes to paint them with. I each drop of polish got thinned down with a drop or two of regular top coat to get a less opaque colour so the details would still shine through.

But hot damn it is difficult to paint those little suckers. I used to paint miniatures for my AD&D rpg way back when but this was even more challenging. Hence the rather blodgy result.

I did a circle gradient, as done by Danielle at RocknPolish with three polishes from Cult Nails' Fairy Tale Collection: Princess, Charming and Feelin' Froggy to get a good base for my decals:

Yes, I dinged my index finger RIGHT BEFORE I took this phote *shakes fist*

Princess                                                       Charming                                                       Feelin' Froggy

So have you tried this technique before? If so, any good suggestions as to how to improve myself?

Åh ja, Eventyr. Vidste med det samme at jeg ville lave hjemmelavede Disney prinsesse stickers, da jeg har en My Online Shop stempelplade med blandt andet Disney motiver. Derudover lavede jeg en cirkelgradient med Cult Nails lakker fra deres Fairy Tale kollektion fra 2012. Pigerne er helt tossede med dem, men måtte desværre skuffe dem med at deres negle er for små endnu :D.