torsdag den 17. april 2014

Darling Diva Polish The Opals collection part 1: Blue and Violet

It is not often I do specific reviews but I was so fortunate to get Darling Diva Polish's Opal collection through the door for your viewing pleasure and boy are these polishes one stunner after the other. Due to my not being able to kill my darlings I've had to seperate the collection in to three posts, with the blue and violet Opals as the first ones.

Blue Opal is a light sky blue polish jam packed with iridiscent mylar flakes, sea blue and iridescent hex glitters, and micro glitter that catches the light in the most crazy way and give an insane depth to the polish. These swatches are three thin layers without undies.

There is a feel of looking down through water - it really blew me away, I don't think I've ever had that sense with a mylar flake polish before. I have to say I tried it with white undies but I prefer it by far without, the translucent character that I love so much in this polish is lost when you use a base colour.

It has to be said it was a little on thick side (but nothing a little thinner can't help you with) so I had to be rather careful and use thin layers to ease application - and remember since the mylar flakes are rather coarse they tend to drag through the polish so you need a light hand. Furthermore I also used my trusted glitter tamer, Gelous, so the polish didn't look too rough.

And you get this very soft and delicate feel from it when it is in indirect sunlight.

Look at that layering of the flakes...Awesome!!

Violet Opal is Blue Opal's daring and evil twin. The mylar flakes and hex glitters are the same as in Blue Opal but in this violet base the character changes 180 degrees.

This is a bold statement type of polish that had my oggling my own nails every 5 minutes.

The consistancy of Violet Opal was almost the same as Blue Opal but it was a little bit more temperamental to work with so I had to use VERY thin layers not to get too much drag. I used three layers for this look but they can be opaque with two regular layers.

Remember to let layers dry COMPLETELY before applying the next or you will risk the mylar flakes drag through your already painted nails.

I must say I love these polishes - they are totally unique in my collection. They may need to be handled precisely and with care, but all the more enjoyment to be had from the gorgeousness adorning your nails!!!

Darling Diva Polishes can be purchased at Llarowe, Norway Nails, Edgy Polish, and in Carrie's own BigCartel shop.

You can follow Darling Diva on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.