mandag den 17. marts 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #10: Purple

Yay, one of my favourite colours is part of this GOT polish post. I love purple nail polish and we've had some amazing weather here the past week. So I decided to do some holo nail art.

One of my favourite Boutique Brand polishes is a-england. Adina creates amazing polishes with flawless application and buttery formula. They are one coaters and dries amazingly fast - you see why I love them? Lady of the Lake was part of my very first purchase from a-england back in february 2011 and I haven't worn it since I tried it the first day I got it.

Another Boutique Brand I love is RBL and I have a lot of them. Some of them can be problematic to apply, but the two beauties I chose for this mani applied like butter - they are Purple Haze and Insouciant.

Then I thought I'd spice it all up a bit. I applied Girly Bits Twitterpated on Lady of the Lake. It is not meant to be a french tip  but I realise it looks like a failed attempt at that :D. Then I decided to stamp roses on Purple Haze using Hits no Olimpo Dionisio.

Here is an example of how different polishes react differently with the same top coat. It is THE FIRST time I've had shrinkage with my Dior gel top coat - apparently some RBL's don't like it. I'm wearing RBL Insouciant on my index and RBL Purple Haze on my pinkie and thumb. The shrinkage on Insouciant is out of this world, I have NEVER had this much shrinkage with any top coat within less than 24 hours. Though I must say I was at the bottom of my bottle of gel coat and it was somewhat thicker than normal. But still...I do know that RBL can be fickle with top and base coat, I can't use Dior ridge filler either, they will NEVER dry. Hmm, maybe it is a Dior/RBL conflict...

Like I said the shrinkage is out of this world:

The stamped roses didn't really pop, but I don't mind they looked lovely anyway ;)

Insouciant                  Purple Haze                 Dionisio     Lady of the Lake    Twitterpated

I hope you all enjoyed these purple beauties, I really loved getting them back on my fingers :)