onsdag den 19. marts 2014

Fancy Friday #46: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

For this challenge I chose to dig into my collection of Girly Bits since I was certain I had all colours covered but had some I've never worn. So off I went and found Banana Hammock, Glow Worm, Arctic Sunrise and Dancing Phalanges.

I love how all of these colours oozes spring, and it matched the weather when I wore it last week. Unfortunately the weather gods decided we could have autumn like weather this week to pay for the very early spring feel.

Somehow my nails managed to grow quite a lot from when I applied Banana Hammock to the time next day when I dotted them. Crazy is what my nails are...

Banana Hammock             Arctic Sunrise            Glow Worm            Dancing Phalanges

I plan on being on time with this week's challenges so here's hoping I get it done ;)

Ja, så er jeg forsinket igen. Ikke med selve manien, den var skam færdig tirsdag i sidste uge, men synes alligevel jeg ville vise jer denne forårsagtige sag. Alt er Girly Bits og jeg synes de her farver skreg forår til mig :)