mandag den 30. december 2013

Fancy Friday #35: Happy New Year

My New Year's mani for this weeks Fancy Friday challenge has failed miserably, everything I created didn't work out the way I thought. But since I'm a big believer in showing my fails as well as successes I decided to NOT keep on until I did something spectacular - or reasonably presentable :D - and instead show you guys my fails :)

The first mani design seemed awesome in my mind's eye but the end result is more than unimpressive I think. It could possibly have worked if I'd chosen a different stamping colour. I think a sparkly blue or green could have made all the difference.

I started off with a coat of BarryM Silver foil and topped it with WellNails Press it for Glory - a gorgeous silver shimmer polish filled with very thin silver holographic bar glitter and black squares and shards to give it some edge. The formula is thin but is easy to work with never the less. You can get opacity with it with two-three layers depending on how thick you like your layers. It sparkles like crazy and is a PERFECT NYE polish!! I apologise for the unfocused picture here, but it is to show how the holographic bar glitter glows...

I definitely should just have left it by its own but I wanted to use a New Years stamp on it and decided to use my Moyou Christmas Plate 05 with BarryM Gold Foil - which really was a bad idea. As  you can see you can hardly see the stamping and the awesomeness of the polish it self is totally lost in the semi matte cover that the foil gives it.

This is the marvellous New Years plate from Moyou - as you can see mine is a Christmas Collection plate, not a Festive Collection plate:

And this is the specific stamp I used:

For my second NYE fail I chose - and I really did think this would be good too - WellNails Rock in the New Year and Elevation Polish Wisteria.
Rock in the New Year is a totally fun glitter topper that I wore last year as well and I really loved it. I definitely chose better undies for it then because even though Wisteria is the most amazing dusty lilac colour they really don't make each other pop...such a shame.

It is a totally beautiful combination otherwise, but as a NYE mani it lacks the Oomph that should be what is the definition of a gorgeous New Years mani.

RitNY is a bit on the thick side and need a little bit of careful application - I used two layers here to get this look.

Wisteria is a breeze to work with and is a  self levelling one coater. It is very easy to work with even though it is a pastel colour. Actually this is one of the reasons I am a devout Elevation fan: Lulu makes awesome polishes with  impeccable formulation - and her pastels are in a league of their own!!

I hope you enjoyed my Fancy Friday fails :) - remember to check the other girls manis, they are spectacular!!

And if I don't get an NYE post up tomorrow: May you all have a Very Happy New Year!! See you next year!!!

Denne uges Fælles Fredag handler mest om, hvordan de ideer jeg får, af og til slet ikke er ligeså vidunderlige når de først er på neglene. De her to manier var i mit hoved VIRKELIG fantastiske, men da de først var udført blev det helt tydeligt, at de var rigtig kedelige!! Press it for Glory skulle ALDRIG have været stemplet med den guldlak og Rock in the New Year har helt sikkert behov for noget ganske andet undertøj for virkelig at være fantastisk. Men jeg synes faktisk det er en god ide også at offentliggøre de manier som er mindre fantastiske og under ens normale niveau for at vise, at det der nail art er en konstant udfordring for de fleste af os ;).