fredag den 20. december 2013

Fancy Friday 34: Merry Christmas

So I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit and have been looking forward to this challenge. I've had the design on my mind since last year when I first tried the abstract Christmas trees and failed so miserably that I didn't show them here. So I am happy to report that this time it went really well :D.

I did this mani as a skittlette and here is the final look:

To create the trees I started out with painting my nails with Chanel 479 Kaleidoscope. Then I taped a triangle on my middle and ring finger and painted it with a-england Perceval(which is also the colour I used for the index and little finger).

I tore off the tape right after I painted it and top coated it with nails inc. kensington caviar top coat. I let it dry completely before the next step. I then retaped the triangles - this step is a bit tricky and will take some concentration. I used striping tape and placed it so I would get the pattern you see. I finished by filling out the striped triangle with China Glaze Jolly Holly.

Again, I removed the striping tape immediately. It will save you some trouble if you keep track of how you placed the tape and then remove them in reverse direction. I finished the design by placing some rhinestones as stars, I used a blob of top coat to get them to stick properly. Then I top coated it to finish it off.

I used my Dashica XL SdP 93 plate for the christmas ornament, and used BarryM Gold Foil and Jolly Holly polishes.

On my thumb is the SERIOUSLY AHMAZING China Glaze Running in Circles. Boy am I glad I bought that one on a whim. It is perhaps the most beautiful glass fleck polish I own.

And it really is as smooth as it look, one of the reasons why I love glass fleck polishes so much - I can get my glitter fix but don't have to do anything but top coat it to get it to feel smooth to the touch.

And a picture of the design with flash:

I hope you liked it as much as I do :) - and if I don't get to say it later: A very Merry Christmas to all of you, my lovely readers <3

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Fælles Fredag i denne uge er Glædelig Jul - og jeg er så småt ved at nå i julestemning, lige nu dufter der af glöggkrydderier da jeg er ved at lave glöggekstrakt til min fødselsdag ;). 

Det her design har jeg glædet mig til, faktisk har jeg villet lave det siden sidste år, hvor jeg fejlede med juletræerne i en grad, så jeg ikke viste dem frem her på bloggen. EPIC FAIL siger jeg bare!! Til gengæld er jeg så stolt af det her design og har virkelig lyst til at lave det til juleaften også :D. Og så vil jeg da lige benytte lejligheden til at ønske jer alle en glædelig jul :)