fredag den 6. december 2013

Fancy Friday #32: Green Digits

I was in such an uninspired mood when I thought these up, but I ended up liking them a lot. Only drawback was how unreasonably difficult it was to get a proper amount of the glitter out. I had to use a replacement RBL brush I have in order to get reasonable coverage here.

The green polish is China Glaze Jolly Holly from their 2010 Christmas Collection, a marvellous polish that I find myself returning to every year at Christmas time even though I've got loads of other holiday polishes. It's  a one coater if you are careful but I've used two coats here.

The red and white glitter topper is Love Always, Candy Cain from Pretty and Polished, Holiday Collection 2012

I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year even though I've made Christmas ornaments with the girls and for a swap, I've made some Christmas sweets and made advent calendars. I've been to a work related Christmas party and am going to the traditional family Christmas lunch tomorrow as well. Hopefully I will get there soon since I usually love Christmas.

Remember to check out what kind of Green Digits the rest of the girls are sporting.

Jeg var totalt uinspireret da jeg lavede de her, men jeg endte med at være ret glad for dem alligevel. Blev vildt irriteret på glitteren, den var nærmest umulig at få på penslen i flasken, alle de store hex glitterstykker var umulige at få ud, så jeg måtte finde en lakpensel jeg en gang har fået tilsendt - så fik jeg da også lige nok til at give den effekt som i ser på billederne.