lørdag den 14. december 2013

Moyou London Christmas stamping on WellNails

I am fast becoming a fan of the relatively new stamping plate company Moyou London. Their designs are very imaginative and they stamp extremely well.

A little more than a week ago Moyou London began a nail art competition on Pinterest and I decided to enter. Not that I think I can win but I believe this design is so pretty other people should be able to enjoy it :D.

I am really so happy with this design - and I thought it was a pity not to share it with you guys. And I really couldn't choose which pics to show you so here goes everything, haha:

My two base colours are WellNails Christmassy Winter Wonderland and Wellnails The North Pole is a Real Place (over nails inc. floral street). The holly leaves were stamped with China Glaze Jolly Holly, the berries were made with a-england Perceval and the snowflakes were done with a white stamping polish.

My Christmassy polish has gotten a little bit thick over the last year so I had to put some thinner in and that took care of any problems I had. The really good thing about this polish is that it covers in two layers but you don't loose sight of the glitters in the first layer, so you get the jelly sandwich effect with a lot more opacity.

I also had to thin The North Pole, more than Christmassy since it has become even thicker, but I have other older Glow-in-the-Dark polishes that also have become thicker over the past year so it could be the GitD pigment that makes the polish thicken more. And once more thinner solved my problem instantly.

And incidentally this mani is a skittlette - the third colour is the fantabulous 479 Kaleidoscope from Chanel. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with my Chanels. Those I own I have bought because I love the colours but Chanel chips like nobodys business when I wear them, I can hardly wear them one day. But this little gem...I wore it for two-and-a-half days with no tip wear or chipping AT ALL!!

Oh for the record: the Moyou stamping plate I used for this mani is Christmas Collection 03.

If you like my design why don't you head over to the Moyou competition on Pinterest and give me a like and a repin.

You can purchase Moyou plates here - but beware once you shop you just can't stop :D, no wonder they are one of the brands of the year at The Crumpet.