fredag den 13. december 2013

Fancy Friday #33: Red Rocks

Christmas is getting closer and Fancy Friday is all about this during December. Surprisingly I seem to want to wear red all the time these days - but it is one specific red in my stash I want to wear: a-england Perceval. I never thought I'd say it but I am in love with that colour! It is a perfect red for me and a one coater! Even though there is a tendency to brush strokes due to its metallic like finish, it is so worth it, the colour payoff is beyond incredible.

So it is the base for my mani for this Fancy Friday:

It called out for something and I decided on the candy canes on my Moyou Christmas Collection 03 stamping plate (yes I know everybody else and their mother calls it the Festive Collection, but on my plate it says Christmas, so that is what I'm sticking to ;) )

Love this so much so here is some nail art spam:

It wasn't until today that I realised that today is actually Friday 13th and that I should have done something a little bit different than this, but then again - these are actually more to the point and seasonal than a F13 mani would have been.

Still can't help thinking how spectacular F13 nails could have been with Perceval as base. *note to self: must be used next time there is a Friday 13th...)

By the way I found a new font for my mobile camera pics which I like better than the one before. Much less "in-your-face".

And pardon my rough cuticles - the weather makes it almost impossible to keep moisturising enough for photos, they seem to swallow every drop of moisture and then look like they've not seen moisture in a fortnight... 

 Do you wear red all year long or are you like me - this is an extremely seasonal colour?

Remember to check out what kinds of red the rest of the girls are wearing this week.