fredag den 22. november 2013

Fancy Friday #30: Galaxy Nails

Oooooh, I've been looking forward to this I haven't done one since last year when I - somewhat irregularly - did the 52 week nail art challenge.

I know my nail art skills have vastly improved since then but really these are very easy to do and as you can see in this picture it is very hard to fail at this, these are from August 2012:

There are tons of tutorials out there but still I totally forgot to do a step-by-step of this one even though I'd thought about it. Silly me, right?

Once again I've chosen Cult Nails Time Traveller as my base - beware it is HIGHLY pigmented which means it's a one coater but also that it is a TOTAL mess to remove. Strangely enough it didn't stain my nails but boy did I have Smurf fingers while removing it!!

Direct lighting

I picked small pieces off a make up sponge and used a pair of tweezers to apply the polish. I started off with a yellow and did random patterns on each nail - and then I simply had four other polishes that I played around with
A dark purple creme: RBL MisMas
A green shimmer: Ninja Polish Shillelagh
A peacock green-leaning blue: P2 lost in paradise
Glitter: Nfu Oh GS3
Indirect light

When I'd sponged the purple, green and peacock, I took a dotting tool and dotted with the smallest I had - these were done where I thought it would look good :)

With flash

Then I made the stars with white nail polish, the small ones with my shortest striper brush and the bigger with a big dot as base and then drew the spikes with that striper again.

Lastly I took the Nfu Oh glitter and applied one coat. This glitter is AWESOME for galaxy manis since it is holographic and has a lot of different sizes of hex glitters in it.

I had no idea there was some lint on my thumb until I saw it here :D

I hope you liked this one - and you will probably see another galaxy mani on saturday when me and a whole bunch of other bloggers are going to celebrate The Day of the Doctor *dances around excitedly*

Make sure you check out the other girls' galaxy manis, they all do gorgeous nail art.

Så er det galaksedag her og det har jeg godt nok glædet mig til - sådan en har jeg ikke lavet siden august sidste år :D. Galaksenegle er ret ligetil og der er et hav af turorials derude. Hvis du er nybegynder når det kommer til nail art er det her nok en af de bedste typer at starte med, fordi der ikke skal så meget til før du får et godt resultat. 

I morgen lørdag vil der også være galakser når jeg sammen med en bunke andre neglebloggere fejrer 50-året for Doctor Who!