lørdag den 23. november 2013

Doctor Who: Celebrating the 50th anniversary

Today for some of us, is a day to celebrate. It is The Day of the Doctor. 50 years ago the first episode of Doctor Who was aired on BBC. Little did anyone know that 50 years later it would have become a world wild phenomenon with a fan base counting millions.

I am proud to say that I am one of them. Which is also why I am celebrating it here on the blog.

Yesterday I showed you guys some galaxy nails and they were supposed to have been the base for today's nail art but I had to do some work on my bike and after that I had the largest chip fest I ever did see - so last night I tried to recreate those galaxies, which turned out like this:

Pardon the rough cuticles - forgot to moisturise first :D

So today I've been working on the rest and now they look like this:

I used BarryM nail art pens for the white writing and the black outlining of the TARDIS - and it makes all the difference to me, I simply cannot write proper letters or numbers with a brush. 

And now brace your self for a total repeat of this mani, I am so glad I finally was able to create the TARDIS in free hand.


As you may think, I am not the only nail blogger who is celebrating this awesome mile stone. So go ahead and check out the other girls who are sporting fabulous Doctor Who nail art today: