lørdag den 2. november 2013

Fancy Friday #27: Ikat Nail Art

I was a bit on the fence with this week's challenge and had a hard time finding colours for my mani that would make this one pop. Most of the tutorials and pictures you find if you do a search on Ikat nail art didn't really speak to me. So instead I made a search using the term Ikat pattern - and then the images got a lot more interesting.

And then I saw this pattern:

and thought: Hey I have polishes that matches these colours perfectly. And then it was basically just pulling out some brushes and stripe away...

 I broke the nail off on my middle finger last week and the nail apparently decided to flake off a bit - which I didn't see until after I'd taken pictures.

They actually look a lot cooler in real life but I think you get the basic thought behind this.

I used the following colours:
a-england Galahad
Dior 438 Mango
Maybelline Colorama Urban Lemon
Dior 781 Purple Candy
nails inc floral street

Remember to check the other girls' nail art and find some inspiration for your own Ikat nail art.