onsdag den 27. november 2013

WellNails Slutty Pumpkin and The Slutty Pumpkin Returns. A Comparison.

It's no secret that I am a lover of indie polishes and have amassed quite an astounding number of them - and here in Denmark we also got on the band wagon last year when Charlotte founded WellNails, an indie brand that took it's inspiration from the American tv-series How I Met Your Mother.

Back in November last year I purchased the entire Christmas collection, that is how enamoured I became with the brand when I saw the first bottle shots and swatches that promised highly interesting and very unique glitter combinations. Besides the Christmas polishes I also bought one of the two Thanksgiving polishes: Slutty Pumpkin - I mean, who can resist a bottle of glitter with that name? Not me, anyway :D

Fast forward a year and WellNails has rebooted said polish, now called The Slutty Pumpkin Returns. So how do the two compare? Do you really need them both? Well stick around and see for yourself ;)
The Slutty Pumpkin Returns (left) and Slutty Pumpkin (right)
As you can see from the bottle shot there really is some rebooting going on - these two are definitely NOT alike! Me Like!!

Slutty Pumpkin: A glitter topper filled with green and orange hexes and topped up with micro glitter in orange and gold
I have Slutty Pumpkin on index and ring finger and The Slutty Pumpkin Returns on thumb, middle and little finger. One coat each, on top of Cult Nails Nevermore. 

The Slutty Pumpkin Returns: Glitter topper filled with purple shreds, purple, green and orange hexes in different sizes and gold and orange tiny square glitter. And the biggest surprise: Pumpkin Glitter!!

There are very obvious differences: firstly the addition of purple hexes and shreds, as well as tiny gold and orange square glitter to The Slutty Pumpkin Returns. But there is also GLITTER PUMPKINS in it :O - such a lovely surprise. BUT it lacks the AWESOME micro glitter from Slutty Pumpkin - which really is a bit dissapointing to me, I really LOVE that about Slutty Pumpkin. But since there already is A LOT going on in TSPR it is perhaps for the best, it might have messed up the overall impression of the polish with it.

Formula wise they are both the usual perfect easy-to-work-with consistency that I love about WellNails, and the glitter pay-off is excellent!! You don't have to use the dabble technique with these - except for the pumpkins, they are scarse and you have to fish them out of the bottle and place them. Other wise they apply like butter.

These are definitely too different not to own both of and taking the manegebility in to consideration there really is no reason NOT to buy both if you like this kind of glitter topper. 

Both polishes were purchased from Foxyfingertips.com where there is a select choice of WellNails polishes. If you'd like a wider range of the HIMYM polishes you can also stop by the WellNails storenvy shop.