søndag den 21. april 2013

Untried Sunday: Elevation Polish Toubkal

Today is gonna be a busy day. Have to bake cinnamon buns, take the twins to the movies and visit my mother's cousin - and blog as well!! So since I couldn't sleep I might as well spend my time on something useful :D

And I was going to show you Jessika the Vampire Slayer, but I just got an Elevation Polish membership and I felt like celebrating by showing you this here instead.

This post will be very short on words and very filled with pictures.

I love my Elevation polishes and the following is no exception - gorgeousness in a bottle!

Easy application and fast drying time. One of my all time favourite polishes.

 The golden glass fleck shimmer in this one just blew me away!!

 *Dies from glass fleck overload*

This simply  is beauty bottled. Elevation Polishes can be bought at Lulu's Bigcartel Store and they retail for 8.50 $. Luckily for you it is not sold out if you've fallen in love. Lulu will restock again on May 7, so stay tuned for that.

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  1. It's a beauty - I still haven't gotten any Elevation polishes - big mistake LOL

    1. Yes it is. I can assure you as soon as you get your first Elevation it won't be the last!!!