søndag den 14. april 2013

Untried Sunday

So I missed Untried Sunday last week, sorry if you showed up to see what was the accent nail on my last Untried Sunday - so I'd better show you today :)

You're Invited is from Lacquistry's Halloween 2012 collection. Being the Glitter Bomb Queen on the indie polish scene, Jenna sure knows how to do 'em, this collection has been no exception. You're Invited is one layer on top, I had only to slightly manipulate the brush to get the coverage you see on these pics.

Formula was really good, not too thick and fast dry time as well.

Undies is Elevation Polish Tindur, a lovely very, very pale green with that lovely in-tone shimmer that I so love in the shimmers from Elevation. This was a dream to put on. I don't know what Lauren puts in her polishes but her pastels are so easy to work with. No significant dragging and perfect application in two layers.

As I've said a number of times before I really love that fiery ember like feeling you get from orange glitters - this is no exception.

And some close-ups for you to enjoy the glitters even more:

So for next Untried Sunday I will show you the last of the Halloween 2012 glitter polishes from Lacquistry that I own: Jessika the Vampire Slayer. And stay tuned, there might be some more random posting coming up this week :D