lørdag den 20. april 2013

Stamping Saturday

So next up for Stamping day are Dragons!!! I love dragons and they are awesome creatures. I am a RolePlaying Gamer and one of my characters is a teenage wizard - an 18 year old girl who's mentally connected to a thousands-of-years-old dragon. Even got a custom made tote bag from Haut Totes with two Myka Jelina designs. A fairy that was so close visually to how I saw Aevilja and a marvellous dragon. How could I not get a custom bag made out of those images?

So when I was purchasing some new stamping plates from new-to-me Messy Mansion and saw this plate, I just had to have it.

So which colours to use? One of my nail polish friends was in that awesome RAOK I mentioned here and she sent me a long wanted China Glaze, Flying Dragon. Awesomeness in a bottle!!! Thank you Ana!! So this was a no brainer for base. And what to use to stamp with other than a-england Dragon and St. George. I still need to practice more, but I think these turned out nice.

These are taken in my bathroom under artificial light - so pardon the orangy fingers, and concentrate on the holo magnificense instead ;)

Here comes St. George to slay the dragon:

Look at that beautiful blue and pink shimmer in Flying Dragon!!!! And the dragon stamp is just mindblowingly awesome:

This is taken in my light box and shows the base colours of St. George and Dragon - but the holo effect got lost:

Indirect sunlight - and a GINORMOUS chip I hadn't seen until I cropped the picture, but I just love the way Flying Dragon looks here:

 If you don't own Flying Dragon, you need to get it. It is just amazing. And if you stamp you better go buy some from Messy Mansion, her plates are to die for.