mandag den 23. juni 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #24: Free Choice

I decided to do a Skittlette for last week's GOT Polish challenge with one of my most prized polishes.

Ninja Polish Alexandrite was a polish I didn't get back when I bought Color Changing Garnet and Zultanite - which I came to regret dearly. When it became clear that the pigments used got discontinued and it wouldn't be available again I started coveting it badly :D. I was so fortunate that a nail polish friend RAOKed it to me last January - but I have only ever worn it once. So here was the perfect opportunity to wear it again.

I stamped my middle and ring finger with Moyou London Pro plate 02 using BarryM Silver Foil

I actually broke one of the rules doing this skittlette but it was almost midnight when I did this mani so it wasn't until I was taking pictures that I realised that the glittertopper on my little finger didn't fit in - I'm wearing Clair de Lune by Indigo Bananas, a polish I only very recently added to my stash.

I think this turned out excellent - and I was actually able to center the stamping on my middle finger :D.