torsdag den 12. juni 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday #23: Red

Those of you that have followed me for a while know that red isn't a colour I wear much. I do have a select few that have come into my collection either as gifts or because I found them awesome :D

A couple of years back I was very much in to Cult Nails (a passion that was reignited recently) and bought entire collections back then. When Coco, one of Maria's daughters came up with five gorgeous colours that was released as Coco's Untamed Collection - one of which was a most amazing red - I felt compelled to own them all.

Cult Nails Annaliscious

Annaliscious was named after Coco's best friend - and is the most juicy red polish I own.

It has the most amazing golden glassfleck finish I have ever seen, and I have been constantly looking at my nails these past two days I've worn it. It'll be almost a shame to remove this mani.

The glitter topper on my thumb and pinkie is a one of Red Dog Designs Crooner polishes called Hey! Jealous Lover. An amazing array of glitters, I believe there are more than 20 different glitters in this bottle - some of them are red hearts!!

I used a MoyouLondon plate for the roses on my index and middle fingers. And then I left my ring finger alone ;)

I always get surprised when I wear red - it makes me quite happy :D

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