fredag den 17. januar 2014

Fancy Friday #38: Favourite Technique/Go-to mani

This was supposed to be a tape mani since that is my favourite technique these days - BUT everything I tried failed in a way that I didn't even wanted to show you, so instead I did my go-to mani which is the Skittlette. The term was coined - as far as I know - by Nail4Dummies in reply to Marta from ChitChatNails in fall 2012 when Marta asked on twitter what one would call a two-accent-nail mani. You can go and check out her very informative blog post about it HERE where there is a basic how-to if you should feel encouraged to try it out after you've seen my version of it.

As you will notice I am not doing the same pairing of nails that she does but that is what is so wonderful about the Skittlette - you can combine it almost endlessly as long as you keep to the 1-1-2-2-3 rule. How you mingle that combination around is all up to you!!!

First off I had to decide which colours and nail combination I'd use. I set out that I wanted to do a 1-2-2-3-1 combination. I used nails inc. prince albert road for my thumb and little finger, OPI Purple with a Purpose for my index and middle finger and nails inc. montrose place for my ring finger.

So with the colour combinations covered I then thought how I'd "dress" them up. And since I put the glittery one on already I just had to decide what to do with ring, middle and index. I had some very large non-solvent resistant glitter circles that I've wanted to use for a long time so I put them on the ring finger. Unfortunately they went all Taco on my after ten minutes, as you can see several of them started dissolving. Then I stamped the middle and index with a dark lilac stamping polish, using my Moyou London plate Pro 02.

 And...TA-DA - a Skittlette mani to enjoy ;).

Please also go and check out what the other girls have as their Go-to mani/Favourite technique.

Jeg havde egentlig lagt planer for en vild tape mani, da det er min favoritteknik for tiden, men alt jeg lavede var så fyldt med ARGH at jeg ikke engang synes det var værd at vise frem her. I stedet har jeg så valgt min go-to manicure og for mig er det Skittlette. Hvis du følger linket oppe i starten af indlægget, kan du der se en introduktion til den type mani. Jeg laver næsten kun skittletter når jeg skal lave noget "udenfor" bloggen og instagram, og jeg er vild med den fordi kombinationsmulighederne er uendelige - for slet ikke at glemme at jeg får brugt tre lakker på én gang :D.